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Instagram is the favorite place of the stars, but also of the nobility . For some years there have been appearances of well-known Italian blue-blooded characters in the most followed television salons and participation in reality shows, could they be missing from Instagram? Of course not. There are many followers interested in the lives of our nobles. Those who live their lives as a public figure cannot be exempt from having an Instagram profile in which to tell their everyday life, do personal branding and create a community with which to get in touch and communicate. Times change and even the aristocracy, which has always made exclusivity and confidentiality its bulwark, adapts to the society where you communicate and make yourself known through social networks .

Even the English nobility have understood the importance of using social media in a more personal way. Initially present with only institutional accounts, in which their life was officially told, they slowly begin to use the tool in a more personal way and the followers can only appreciate. An example is Princess Eugenie of York or the SussexRoyal profile managed, it seems, directly by the Dukes of Sussex. And it seems that this is a trend followed by the nobles scattered all over Europe. Italy is no exception and has its host of favorite blue-blooded characters on the social network .

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Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, grandson of the last King of Italy, is now considered a public figure in Italy. Very active on social media, where he reaches 113 thousand followers, he tells about his life, his travels and his participation in various television programs. He presents himself as a lover of nature and a somewhat adventurous life in the open air. But she is Vittoria Savoia, daughter of Emanuele Filiberto, and designated for her 16th birthday by her grandfather as heir to the throne of a kingdom that no longer exists, the true influencer of the House of Savoy. Keep an eye on it.

Ascanio Pacelli, known to the public for his participation in the reality show Big Brother, has achieved a large following on Instagram. Lover and great golf player , every day he accompanies his 367,000 followers within his life, made up of training, matches and moments spent with his beloved family.

Costantino della Gherardesca is one of the best known and most appreciated nobles on the Italian scene, especially for his skill in conducting TV programs such as Beijing Express . Famous for his polite and affable manner and his sharp, never out of place jokes, the Tuscan nobleman has also become a star on Instagram, where he boasts more than three hundred thousand followers.

There is no shortage of princesses in the aristocratic lineup of Instagram. Like the beloved Maria Pia Ruspoli, wife of Prince Lillio Ruspoli, a woman of great elegance and a lover of knowing how to live. On Instagram she tells about her life spent within the walls of one of the most important historic buildings in Rome, Palazzo Ruspoli and various social events. Her daughter, Princess Giacinta Ruspoli often appears next to her, both representing the new spirit of the Italian nobility. Lawyer by profession, Princess Jacinta tells about her life on Instagram made up of great passions such as travel, fashion and design .

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