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Social media marketing strategies, implemented by companies and freelancers, are increasingly oriented towards the entertainment of the reference communities.

It is precisely for these reasons that most social networks have introduced the now famous stories within their platforms.

With this simple and intuitive tool, every business activity can enhance its products or services through rapid and “incisive” communication.

At the moment, most entrepreneurs are using the stories of Facebook, Instagram (read here) and Whatsapp to achieve their business goals, but in reality there are other platforms that can be useful for marketing products all over the world and professional services.

I pin idea: Pinterest stories

One of the most suitable social networks to promote certain products or services is: Pinterest.

The American platform – used by users for the “visual narration” of their passions – has recently introduced the idea pins.

Idea pins are multimedia carousels – made up of photos, videos, text and music content – that can only be created by those with a business account.

It is a useful tool to present new products in an original way or to communicate in an innovative way.

How to create a pin idea on Pinterest

As noted above, to create a pin idea on Pinterest, you need to be the owner, or administrator, of a business account.

In fact in the section create (for the desk version), it will be possible to graphically “design” your story.

Any professional will be able to add and modify:

  • Personal photos and videos;
  • Text content;
  • Special effects;

Once this step is completed, you will enter some information relating to the content created.

In this case, you will have to enter:

  • Pin title;
  • Board to share the pin;
  • The pin details;
  • The tags;
  • Once this last step is complete, you will be able to publish the pin in your account.

    How to monitor the success of your idea pin

    To monitor the progress of your pin, we can use the statistical data offered by the Californian company.

    In fact, in the analytical data section, each administrator can consult:

    • General data;
    • Audience insights;
    • Statistics on conversions;

    Obviously all these data may be analyzed for each individual pin idea in order to verify the success or failure of a specific marketing strategy.


    Pinterest, a social network dedicated to images, has introduced idea pins to promote company products or services through an effective and original communication style.

    The pins can be used by anyone who has a business account and can be shared within a given board.

    Each idea pin will consist of photos, videos, textual and musical content that can be adapted according to the needs of the business itself.

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