The profiles of ten Italian beauty influencers

It all started with beauty. It was the first years of YouTube and the first influencers began to become familiar with videos in which they talked about make-up, make up purchases and tutorials. The world of digital beauty has come a long way and all those who have started to recover or write about makeup from their room in front of a mirror, have gradually become beauty gurus, beauty bloggers, beauty influencers. The beauty world has evolved and grown , as have their representatives. Make-up artists, simple enthusiasts, there is a place on the web for all those who want to talk and tell about beauty. Here, in our opinion, are the profiles of the 10 Italian beauty bloggers to follow.

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Clio Zammatteo she is the first true Italian beauty guru . She opened her YouTube channel in 2008 and since that day she has conquered the digital world with her tutorials, tips on the world of make up and her stories about her life in New York, where she studied to become Make Up Artist. She has created her own cosmetics line, which she sells online and in some temporary stores, the Clio Pop Up stores , present in four cities in Italy, Milan, Naples, Florence and Padua. Today, in addition to the dog YouTube and the blog always updated by her team, the channel on which she is most active is definitely Instagram, where you can find many beauty tips, tutorials and small interludes about her private life.

Giuliana Arcarese historical protagonist and beauty guru of YouTube and a great friend of Clio, Giuliana is a beauty influencer of Sicilian origin who has lived and worked for many years in the United States . On her social channels she tells about her life in the States and all her daily experiences, as well as the beauty world, of which she has become an important protagonist.

Erikioba blogger, youtuber and makeup artist, Erikioba is one of the most famous Italian make up gurus in the digital world. Make up artist by profession is an expert in corrective makeup and beautification, who teaches at the MBAcademy in Milan. She has her own beauty and make-up line produced by the Cosmyfy brand. Makeup is still her favorite topic of her life as a blogger influencer, as shown by her Instagram profile, full of tutorials, tips and many colors.

The Cindina is one of the best known and most appreciated Italian beauty gurus. She too comes from the youtube world, where she has had the opportunity to make herself known and create a great little community. A very popular influencer on Instagram, she is the creator and artistic director of the famous brand Mulac Cosmetics .

Giulia Sinesi is a well-known Italian influencer. Passionate about make-up and skincare, she has always studied and worked in the beauty world and has made all her knowledge available to her followers on her Instagram channel, followed by more than 134 thousand people. Vitamine di Beauty is her book about her, published by DeAgostini, in which she tells how to move and navigate the jungle of products offered by the beauty market.

Adriana Spink, make-up, hair and DIY beauty recipes . Adriana began her self-taught career on YouTube and then became a true professional in the industry. Loved by her followers for her easy-going and likeable character, she has a large following not only on Instagram, but also on the TikTok platform.

Carlotta Giacuzzo , known to most as Cheryl Pandemonium, is famous for its rich and colorful tricks, which certainly do not go unnoticed. Blogger first and youtuber then, today her digital world revolves around the most famous social networks such as Facebook and Instagram in which she has created a great little community that has been following her for some time.

Lolla , the champion of skin care, is Miss Strawberry Fields . Passionate about beauty and Beatles, as her nick name suggests, Lolla has established herself in the world of beauty simply by telling her passion. Behind her numerous collaborations with important brands and her own line of beauty masks.

Mikeligna, Michela Parisi, enters the beauty world by telling her passion for nail art, which led her in 2011 to become tutor of the Pupa Nail Academy . Her followers can follow her on YouTube and of course also on Instagram.

Robyberta Smilemaker , Roberta Scagnolari, is a make-up artist and blogger since 2006, who today is online consultancy and collaborates with various cosmetic companies for which she also deals training. It is easy to recognize her, because in all of her social channels she always sports a smile full of happiness.

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