The secrets of Paolo Stella’s Instagram profile

It all started with a blog. A very personal blog, not a blog that talked about fashion, a blog that launched his life on the web and that made him one of the most famous influencers in Italy. He is Paolo Stella, but don’t just call him an influencer. His success on Instagram is undeniable, 338 thousand followers and a passion for fashion that leads him to collaborate with numerous and famous brands in the sector. But Paolo Stella is not just an Istagrammer. Actor, director, writer, entrepreneur , his main characteristic is certainly his versatility and a talent for everything related to communication.

Paolo Stella

Who is Paolo Stella

Born in Milan in 1978, Paolo Stella has a passion, being an actor. Her baptism on television comes with her participation in the Amici di Maria De Filippi program, one of the most followed talent shows in Italy. His career continues and here he is working in TV series such as Incantesimo, A cyclone in the family, Detective woman. In 2011 he decides to open a blog to which he entrusts personal thoughts, emotions and impressions, the name is OHMYBLOG . Here his love for fashion does not go unnoticed. His first collaborations arrive, when the fashion world was timidly approaching the world of bloggers, and for some time he will hold the role of web editor for Elle.

Meanwhile, Instagram arrives and it is immediately a mania. Here the Milanese actor does not spare himself, he offers all of himself, his life and his versatility, and his followers repay him, and how they repay themselves. His career is on the rise, Real Time produces a docufiction on influencers and he, together with Eleonora Carisi and Candela, is the protagonist. The Instagram phenomenon is rampant and Stella is the standard-bearer of this new world. He founded the Asap Studio agency, in 2017, a forge of ideas that helps brands communicate in the social world and subsequently the Wid Academy, the online course academy where, together with other social talents, explains social media and teaches how to communicate and tell. Despite her success in the web and fashion world, she also manages to carry on her passion for acting, but this time she does it from behind the camera. To conclude the circle, we cannot fail to mention the writer Paolo Stella. His books? A real success. The latest one released, a few weeks ago, entitled By chance, is already at the top of the sales charts.

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Paolo Stella and life on Instagram

Travels, parties, a life divided between Milan, where he works, and the rest of the world which is the set of his life . Paolo Stella’s dolce vita is made up of parties, Roman terraces, luxury hotels, holidays, shots with a cinematic flavor . And if we think about it, it’s a pretty good life. And he tells this life with great spontaneity. Fashion, his passions, travel. On his Instagram there is all this, but also much more.

There is the relationship with his followers, which he often feels slightly obsessed with, causes millions of questions that overwhelm him every day. Hence the joking reproaches at the sound of “I am not an info Point” to all those who pester him with related questions, the brands of the clothes he wears, his home furniture, plants, furnishings. His life is interesting and everyone wants to know, know, have possession of every little detail. But his followers love him and that will be why he dedicates so much time to them. Yes, it seems that he answers everyone, really everyone. In the world of Instagram the way of relating with followers is fundamental and he does it spontaneously and freely, while giving a peek into his dream life. His way of communicating is direct, free. He talks to his followers like they are old friends. Could this be the secret of his success?

There’s so much of his life on Instagram that even his housekeeper Ana is now a star. The setting of the Milan house, a real jewel that also appeared in an issue of AD, Architectural Digest, is the backdrop for amusing curtains, which entertain followers and make it appear even more real. Because what is striking is probably this, being a real person, despite the glossy life, a normal person with his insecurities and fears of him . But do not be fooled, even if it may seem that his life is always and completely exposed, in reality of his private life, once the party lights are turned off and greeted his famous friends, very little is known, especially the sentimental part, which is secretly guarded and jealously lived behind closed doors.

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