The social networks where to do visual storytelling

social dove fare visual storytelling

I have already talked about Storytelling several times (discover the differences between corporate and product Storytelling) and each time I have highlighted the central role of this strategy for offline and online communication activities.

instead I want to focus on the indissoluble link between social networks
and visual content of a narrative type since, as is now well known,
social interaction platforms represent the tool
ideal for sharing related images, videos or infographics
to the business activity or to the entire business system.

What is visual storytelling?

The habit of narrating company events through the use of visual content – enriched by audio files, statistical data or other graphic elements – has its origin in the activity of visual Storytelling .

visual Storytelling is that storytelling technique that leverages on
visual media – television and social networks above all – to spread
the values ​​of the corporate brand and enhance, at the same time, i
related products or services.

visual storytelling can be used both in strategies
Corporate Storytelling and Product Storytelling initiatives.

In the
first case the elements of the communication will have as theme
the entire business system is central, while in the second case the
narration will focus on the uniqueness of the product or service

Social where to do visual Storytelling

As already highlighted above, visual storytelling must be designed for sharing content on visual media such as: television, streaming platforms and social networks.

the latter case, each company can invest in one or more
platforms like:

  • TikTok;
  • Snapchat;
  • Youtube;
  • Instagram;
  • Facebook;

TikTok and Snapchat to do visual storytelling

The first two social networks with which it is possible to do visual storytelling are: TikTok and Snapchat.

two platforms, very popular with the very young, are perfect for
share short video clips or other latest visual content

Of course
companies that choose to invest in these two social networks
must market products, or services, related to the world of
teenagers, as this is the only way to invest
advertisers will be rewarded by the increase in revenues in
terms of sales.

elements to be used in visual advertising campaigns
Storytelling must be “fresh” and engaging, like i
content posted by users who use these two on a daily basis
revolutionary apps.

Youtube: the ideal social network for visual storytelling

Youtube is the ideal platform to manage company storytelling (discover the company Youtube channels) and to convey high quality content.

Mountain View social network it is appropriate to upload videos
professionals related to the actors of the business system or tutorials
on the correct use of the products or services offered.

Of course
Youtube channel administrators will be able to consult the data
provided by the Californian company to understand what the
content most appreciated by the relevant target.

Visual Storytelling on Instagram and Facebook

The last two social networks on which it is possible to do visual storytelling are: Instagram and Facebook.

two Mark Zuckerberg platforms are particularly good for
all those activities that appeal to an audience that loves
stories and video content.

Instagram and Facebook have all the features to convey
visual narrative content.

On Instagram, the content can be shared within the stories, or alternatively by posting the same content in the Reels section.

On Facebook, however, visual content can be shared on company pages as well as within stories that have not had the same success as those of Instagram.

Social where to do visual Storytelling: conclusions

Visual Storytelling is a visual communication technique that allows you to convey the values ​​of the brand, or the qualities of its products or services, through the use of graphic, visual or audio elements.

visual storytelling can be used on both visual media
traditional, such as television, and on digital media
and in particular on social networks.

main social networks on which it is possible to make visuals
Storytelling are: TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

Obviously, on every social network it is possible to convey certain contents, with a specific language, so as to respect the cornerstones of corporate communication.

The web is also sharing

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