The success factors of TikTok

i fattori di successo di TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular emerging social networks on the net, as millions of users create, and share, original and entertaining video content every day.

Many think that the success of TikTok is mainly linked to the typical novelty effect, but in reality the rise of this app is due to the following factors:

  1. Ease of use of the platform;
  2. Detailed customization of content;
  3. High level of engagement;

TikTok: the application reminiscent of Instagram

To speed up the growth process of the social network, the developers of the application – the company ByteDance – have opted for a layout very similar to that of Instagram.

In fact, the similarities are not only chromatic but also graphic.

The positioning of the icons at the bottom, the choice to create sections dedicated to the most popular videos and the management of notifications are just some of the elements that have “inspired” the developers of TikTok.

The idea of ​​modifying the structure of Instagram has made it possible to simplify the user experience within the application and, at the same time, to accelerate the number of downloads around the world.

Detailed customization of content on TikTok

The other success factor of TikTok is related to the personalization of video content.

In fact, each user has the possibility to record a video with a maximum duration of 60 seconds – the minimum is 15 seconds – and to add, to the same video clips, the music contents, audio recordings or visual “effects” already included within the app.

Furthermore, the same users can create content with the photographs saved on their smartphone or use the video editing tools present on TikTok.

All contents can be shared on other social networks, in particular on Facebook and Instagram, or they can be a source of inspiration for other users of the platform.

TikTok content generates engagement

The third and final factor that has decreed, for the moment, the success of TikTok is that related to the interactions that generate the contents of this social network.

Thanks to this application, many teenagers have achieved such popularity that it has captured the attention of big brands.

In fact, several professional collaborations between the so-called influencers and the best-known brands in the world economy were “born” on this platform as well.

To become an influencer on TikTok it is not enough to have a very high number of followers, but it is also necessary to create viral content that captures attention and generates engagement.

There are currently four metrics used to track interactions:

  1. I like;
  3. The number of shares;
  4. The number of views;

The first two metrics are slightly more reliable than the last two but, as stated several times, the vanity metrics cannot be used in marketing strategies.

These parameters, now obsolete for the needs of companies, must be replaced by business metrics or by those data that allow you to monitor the progress of an advertising investment in the short, medium and long term. / p>

TikTok success factors: conclusions

The success factors of TikTok are essentially three: ease of use of the platform, detailed personalization of the contents and high level of engagement of the same contents.

These three factors have allowed TikTok to “climb” positions within the world of social networks and at the same time capture the attention of the big brands that have started investing in this platform.

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