The Top Ten of Italian Instagram influencers

Why are you looking for the top influencer Italians on Instagram? Maybe you want to find ideas to improve your account or you need references for your analysis of benchmark that anticipates the social media marketing strategy.

Or find the most important names on this social dedicated to visual because you want to advertise for your brand in order to have maximum attention. So you are looking for some more information to compile a list of accounts to contact for the digital marketing campaign .

Of course, this is a way to start your influencer marketing business. You can look directly to the most important players, with large numbers to exploit. And a mix of followers plus engagement to envy.

Attention. Even micro-influencers who can help you achieve good results but the truth is simple: if you know the target , you have clear objectives and a good content marketing background as a support you can easily look to the top Italian influencers on Instagram.

Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni)

Certainly the absolute top influencer in Italy is she, the fashion blogger par excellence who has transformed her name into a brand that is now multinational and millionaire . If you work in the field of women’s fashion, and you want the maximum possible visibility, in Italy there is a name to contact.

top influencer italiani su Instagram
Dior comments on the top Italian influencer on Instagram.

Chiara Ferragni has a style that has made school. His old blog – – has now been forgotten but it all started from here. To then reach the virtual place that represented the leap in quality: Instagram. That is to say the perfect social network for Ferragni that she found her better numbers than her: according to, in fact, she earns almost 60,000 euros for each post in which she sponsors a product.

Khaby Lame (@ khaby00)

Maybe it can’t be considered a full-fledged influencer because it’s not a project that was born with this perspective. Perhaps it is still too early or perhaps not: it is difficult to pinpoint the work of Khaby Lame with precision.

Is it just luck? Is it a comet? We’ll see. For now the numbers speak for themselves: Khaby is the top influencer on TikTok in Italy and the latest news suggests a recovery on Ferragni . For sure it is one of the profiles that has gained success and notoriety on Instagram with the greatest speed.

Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi)

Gianluca Vacchi is one of the top Italian influencers on Instagram who made the history of this social network with respect to the national scene.

Today Vacchi maintains the third position in the list of the most followed accounts also because it has been following a good pace of publication for some time.

Gianluca has created several catchphrases . One of the most famous is the dance which is performed with muscles and tattoos in plain sight. Monetization on Instagram is progressing well, around € 47,000 per sponsored.

Morrone (@iammichelemorroneofficial)

An account that has registered his presence thanks to a rapid increase in his notoriety in terms of followers. In fact, with about 500 posts it has already reached almost 13 million followers , an important number for the actor and singer who is experiencing a moment of great notoriety.

Fedez (@fedez)

Finally we find Chiara Ferragni’s partner and partner: Fedez, pseudonym of Federico Leonardo Lucia , was born as a rap singer and then quickly reached a different professionalism. That is to say that of an all-round artist, including the branch of influencers on Instagram.

numeri follower
Here are the top Italian influencers on Instagram.

Fedez is particularly present on this visual social network and uses it to continuously amplify his campaigns that go as well as the sponsorship of commercial products or paid services .

Looking at his account data, we can evaluate a good comparison between links and followers . This means that she can count on a good base of followers who actively participate in the life of her account.

Valentino Rossi (@ valeyellow46)

Our Valentino Rossi, national motorcycling champion, is one of the reference points for the top Italian influencers on Instagram.

Through the public channel visual content – photos and videos – dedicated to his sporting activity and, of course, also offers his brands.

I post di Valentino Rossi e i suoi sponsor.
Valentino Rossi’s posts and its sponsors.

With over 10 million followers, a high engagement rate and a number of likes per post of nearly half a million, Valentino Rossi is a good name to consider for dedicated influencer marketing campaigns to certain products that obviously revolve around the universe of motorcycling, speed and extreme sports.

Belen (@belenrodriguezreal)

Immediately after Valentino Rossi we find a particularly well-known influencer in Italy: Belen Rodriguez. Her account currently exceeds 10 million followers and has good visibility for the apparel industry, also thanks to good use of Instagram Stories.

Buffon (@gianluigibuffon)

We know that one of the most famous and paid Instagram influencers in the world is a footballer. That is to say Cristiano Ronaldo, a man who if he moves two bottles of fizzy drink damages the bag.

Even in Italy, in the top ten of the most important social influencers , we have a world-famous footballer. I’m talking about Gianluigi Buffon, former Juventus and national team goalkeeper, winner of any trophy.

Buffon uses his Instagram profile wisely, which has grown over time thanks to its notoriety on the football field. But it should be noted with pleasure that in the feed there is space – in addition to promotional posts dedicated to the storytelling of his sporting activity – also contents related to humanitarian emergencies and volunteering.

Mario Balotelli (@ mb459)

The list of the best Italian influencers on Instagram continues, and the next account is always that of a footballer : Mario Balotelli.

The athlete often shares videos and images of his workouts, citing sponsors and brands related to the sports products used in these sessions.

Andrea Pirlo (@ andreapirlo21)

We close the list of the best Italian Influencers on Instagram with another sportsman, a Juventus and national football player like Buffon and he too World Champion : the timeless Andrea Pirlo.

The footballer and coach – very close to the Juventus team in Turin – remains, for now, under the threshold of 10 million followers. Pirlo has a good following and offers several posts dedicated to technological products but also luxury watches: the distinct style is tempting to many brands.

Other top Italian influencers on Instagram?

You can certainly suggest some extra names to this list of virtuous accounts. Because influencers on Instagram are constantly evolving: we grow and overcome our idols, often we reach those who were once our favorites. It takes passion and perseverance, always.

You don’t become a brand icon on Instagram by chance. And above all, you cannot think of making money on this social network by publishing content that does not have a storytelling, it lacks personality and innovation.

Taking a cue from top Italian influencers on Instagram is fine. But we must not copy and settle on the work of others. Do you agree? What are your special references and inspirations on this social network?

​​The data I got from the statistical analysis website which offers an interesting comparison, both globally and by country, with respect to the data of individual accounts and compares them by drawing up the list of the best profiles on both the number of followers and the engagement rate.

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