The Vase of Value: story of a viral content on Instagram

Why did the Pot of Value become viral content?

The reasons why the Pot of Value became viral content are different and I will try to analyze them here one by one, to show you how from a simple idea you can really grow on Instagram organically and without the use of bots:

  1. The idea was easy intuition and execution, no external tools or special knowledge on the use of the platform were needed
  2. It had a positive meaning: the value
  3. The act of tagging more people, without any constraint on the number, has facilitated the dissemination of the content, because those who were tagged even if they did not propose their value, however, it shared those in which it was tagged
  4. The declinability of the concept of “value” (for me it referred to the field of social media marketing, but even if it started from this sector h then touched the world of psychology, travel, coaching, teaching, do-it-yourself, motherhood and many others

A chain of people gratified by the fact has thus been created to appear in the vessels of value of others, and encouraged them to do so in turn to be able to contribute to the wave of positivity that had been created. Who would not want to be associated with such a noble concept as that of “quality”?

The contribution given by influencers and the envy factor

But there are two other factors to consider, in addition to those just mentioned.

Many influencers from various sectors have been tagged within the Vase of Value, taking into account that within each individual jar tens of accounts with thousands of followers each could be entered , like that of @zuccaviolina for example (39 thousand followers), @fede_the_pilot (55 thousand followers) @nunziacillo (177 thousand followers) and many others, who have acted as a sounding board for the initiative.

You know the saying “ For better or for worse , as long as you talk about it “? Here, the Vase of Value must also thank the healthy envy of a very popular account, of which I prefer not to name, but only post the story that contributed to the diffusion of the initiative’s vase and (partially) to my consequent increase in follower.

Contenuto virale: fattore invidia

But let’s talk about the numbers, before going into details.

The numbers generated by the Vase of Value on Instagram

The photo below is a screenshot of the stats related to my Vase of Valor, the one that started, so to speak.

On average, before going from 891 followers to 1455, my stories were seen by 250 people, and as you can see here, this story has reached 698 views.

In other words, the views of my stories, relative to the story of the vase have increased by 279.2%.

Vaso di valore contenuto virale

The exposure of my stories, today, has settled around 350 displays media.

As you can see from the image, there is not only a return to my account, which as I anticipated has had an organic follower growth equal to 163.3% , but also all the people tagged in the Vase of Valor by me (and presumably by all the people who later made their own).

Vaso di valore: contenuto virale su instagram

Graph from Ninjalitics

Vaso di valore: contenuto virale su instagram

Graphic from Ninjalitics

The hashtag #iocreovalore that accompanied the initiative has also become a story, but in addition to this data, my account received about 16 requests for messages every two hours plus the same number from those who were already my followers, starting from the second day, many of whom were of appreciation for the initiative and as many of solidarity because of the not very nice content, published by the sector influencer you mentioned. I posted the screenshot.

Since the influencer, not known by myself, had not tagged my account in the stories, I learned about his story only thanks to the numerous messages from users, who expressed their support.

Not having even used the hashtag of the initiative, I would have mistakenly attributed my growth solely to the feeling of gratification that people felt in being mentioned in the jar and in creating it to in turn, without counting the consequences of a diametrically opposite reaction.

The traffic to the site, generated by the viral content

But I have not only registered the positive growth implications on my Instag account ram, but also in terms of traffic to my site.

Indeed, a good viral marketing strategy is not limited to the content distribution platform, but expands on different levels, not always traceable (for example, the Vase of Value has also been the subject of a heated debate within a secret Facebook group , whose news was communicated to me by some of the participants in the group, but I was not subscribed to).

In the image below, you can see how the traffic from Instagram to my site (and more precisely to the link in the Instagram bio relating to the Check-list that you can also download for free if you have not already done so) has increased in the days when the content has gone viral (29 May-3 June 2019).

contenuto virale analytics

Of the 101 people who visited the link in bio, 21 of these then downloaded the Check-list, by subscribing to the newsletter.

The cost of a viral marketing operation of this type

There were no costs in terms of advertising campaigns, nor of implementation time if I have to be honest (the idea came to me just before realizing it, like an epiphany and I didn’t expect it to take this amazing turn), but certainly there have been some in terms of time spent in community management.

I replied to each of the 200 pieces of content that I was tagged in, without a copy and paste message, but elaborated a reply, albeit brief, for each of the users who contacted me. I also responded to all the messages of solidarity mentioned above and compliments, I created stories to thank the participants in the initiative myself and to relaunch the template of the valuable vase. I also created two featured stories dedicated to the Vase of Value to be able to count the contents in which I was tagged and to give more exposure to the thing.

I wrote this article, which took me about two hours of time.

So, in conclusion, viral marketing may have no cost in terms of money and advertising, but it is certainly an event that must be constantly monitored and kept active and for this, it takes a long, long, long time!

Last, not least, that I constantly repeat on my Instagram profile , is that the number of followers does not determine the skill or the skills of a person. This experiment demonstrates this, since in addition to the data that I have shown you in absolute transparency, I have also received several collaboration proposals for the management of Instagram profiles.

So, you are still sure that the number of followers is Is it really the metric to use to evaluate the skills of the person? The word is yours!

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