TIKTOK APP: Will he really be the next heir to Instagram?

The TikTok app will wipe out Instagram.

Could it be true or is it all an illusion?

I’ve heard a lot about this app. I’ve seen many popular Instagram profiles and influencer marketing people start opening accounts.

Did they do it just to prepare for an evolution or do they really think we’ll all be moving to the TikTok app soon?

In this article I want to explain what TikTok is and how it works , but above all, we will try to understand together if this new app will finally be the heir of Instagram and will sweep via the much-loved social network of photos.

I already spoke some time ago about the evolution of social platforms and the future of Instagram.

Is it really time to migrate?

tiktok app

Where did the TikTok app come from

It had been a while that in the world of social media we were wondering what would be the next app of the moment .

It may never have crossed your mind, but if you think about Facebook’s story and how it went out of fashion by making room for Instagram, then some doubts begin to arise.

Those who work on the social network have begun to put forward hypotheses. They know well how social networks have improved our lifestyle, but they also understand that they are very variable.

On the web, it is essential to be able to catch a glimpse of trends and jump in before they explode completely.

What would it have been like to start growing an Instagram profile 3 years ago?

I started right around that time and I assure you I was spending 15min a day and getting crazy growth!

What does this mean?

That everything is easier on emerging platforms.

To entice users to subscribe, the social network gives a lot of visibility to posts and allows users to reach a lot of people for free.

Not only that.

If there are no paid sponsorships yet, it is a totally untouched world , with no economic interests whatsoever on the part of all participants.

It is a wonderful world in which grow a truly authentic community without spending a single euro and transporting it to other channels (Instagram, a blog, etc.).

This is exactly where TikTok is, this new music app .

It was launched in September 2016 in China but lately it is having a lot of success and diffusion especially among teenagers.

I’ll explain why.
This is karaoke.

Posts are nothing more than videos, a bit like Instagram stories, where you can shoot a small clip ranging from 15 to 60 seconds (15 if you record it directly from the app and up to 60 if you import a video from your mobile).

The goal is to playback singing and mime a song. At least that was the original purpose.

TikTok, which was born from the merger of the Musical.ly music app, has a large music library from which you can choose and you can also participate in the many challenges which are organized by the communities every week.

In fact, there is also an all-Italian community of the TikTok app.

[bctt tweet = “On the web it is essential to be able to catch a glimpse of trends and jump in before they explode completely.” username = ”monicpirozzi”]

If you use Instagram you should definitely download and try TikTok.

I assure you, the first reaction you will get is:

“Oh my God!” ?

The first time I found myself in front of hordes of singing teenagers doing karaoke with the songs of the moment.

I’m done and thought:

“But who the hell will ever use it!”

Over the next few days, she almost haunted me. I started seeing issues and articles everywhere that talked about TikTok and how popular he was becoming. At the time of writing, there are half a billion active users .

So I started getting excited about how to make it work for me too!

How the TikTok app works

The board looks a lot like Instagram Stories , with short, repeating videos that you can scroll through simply by swipe up .

bacjeca tiktok app

It is possible to perform all the classic interactions, such as putting a heart, commenting and sharing. All these functions are arranged on the vertical right of the video you are watching.

In the bar at the bottom there is the menu to access the home, the search, the button to create a new video, notifications and your profile.

Here’s my profile on TikTok!

Profilo Monica Pirozzi TikTok

I’m still experimenting, I’m still not sure what turn this account will take. If you like you can follow me, find me as @monicapirozzi! ?

If you want to create a new video, click on the “+” button below.

You can record it directly from the app or import one or more videos from your mobile phone. The thing I like is that if I import more than one clip I can also edit them as I like, cutting the pieces and changing the order.

It almost looks like a mini editing app . It is also possible to apply effects.

But let’s move on to the musical part, which is the central part of the TikTok app.

Once the video is confirmed, the screen below will appear.

(sorry for my foot!?)

carica video su tiktok

Below you can choose to add filters, stickers and even edit the post cover which is not a static image like on Instagram but a little boomerang.

At the top right, however, there are all the settings for the sound .

By going to Select Sound you can add a background song among the many you find in the library and even use the small mixer that you find at the top right to mix the sound of the video and music.

For example, you could make a spoken video with your favorite background song, all directly from the app!

Going forward you can access the post publishing screen. The characters you can enter in the description, including hashtags and mentions are very few, a hundred.

This made me think that this app is much more about visual interaction than just entertaining with words.

On Instagram, however, although it is a photo application, we can write a nice long caption.

Under the posts I published on TikTok, on the other hand, I just managed to write a 4/5 word sentence and add some hashtags.

How you can make yourself known on TikTok and increase followers

In general, the platform itself tends to promote a lot of new content on the board based on interests .

I follow very few people who don’t post often, so I basically always see content from unknown people that I could potentially follow.

And my content is shown to a lot of people too. The 6 followers I have gained so far have spontaneously come from the social network.

Let’s say you can get to know new accounts using traditional methods such as hashtags and popular videos in search, or, in a more innovative way, thanks to the songs.

If you use very popular songs or, if the music you put under your videos is very popular, you can get free promotion thanks to this feature of your videos.

If you want to know more from someone who is really successful on TikTok , I leave you an interview with Giulia Mabe, one of the most followed Italians on this new social network! ?

TikTok App: Can we consider you the next heir to Instagram?

I can’t hide from you that one of the reasons why I threw myself on TikTok is for fear that she could wipe out Instagram overnight.

The best way to be successful on these platforms is to arrive at the right time.

This happened to me on Instagram.

I started growing my account and my followers in unsuspecting times, when I still didn’t understand anything about social media and influencer marketing, and I managed to get results without too much effort.

The point is, I didn’t take it seriously and didn’t know what direction to take to my account, so my success was slow in coming.

By moving ahead of TikTok, you can take big steps forward with little effort.

They are all on alert

That’s the truth!

Everyone is there ready to move but no one takes the decisive step.

Several very popular Instagram profiles, including travel blogger @travel_inhershoes, have opened their TikTok accounts but haven’t posted any content yet.

We are all on the bench and those few who are taking the field, mainly teenagers, are having a resounding success and a lot of visibility.

Why is all this happening?

For those who work with social networks it means investing a lot of time on something they don’t know if it will work.

They may end up with millions of followers but don’t know how to turn them into money.

For those who do business, the problem is always monetization . We try to make an initial effort to build a following and then reap the benefits.

The TikTok app could certainly give life to a new generation of influencers , and Giulia also explains it in the video that she has already been contacted by some brands. But we need to find the right way to communicate .

At the moment I can’t quite understand how to behave and what content to publish.

And like me, many others have doubts.

I started posting some travel and landscape videos that I already had on my phone, a spoken video. All these contents, however, are not very close to the current spirit of the social network.

If it remains like this, very youthful, carefree, I doubt it will be as broad as Instagram has it, simply because is not the style of communication of companies or characters a little more serious .

If communication changes and everyone finds their own way of expressing themselves, then they may very well go head to head with Instagram if not replace it.

TikTok can replace Instagram but changing the way we communicate

Changing the type of communication means starting to create thematic accounts that publish only travel videos, for example, or spoken videos in which knowledge about a certain topic is spread.

I believe that everything we see on Instagram will be transported in video form to TikTok.

The thing that makes me think he could be a true heir to Instagram is the great attention given to videos. I’ve said it about a thousand times in my YouTube videos and here on the blog that videos are Instagram’s favorite content and will develop more and more in the future.

Creating a social network where the video is the protagonist and the photos are completely absent (even the thumbnails of the posts on the profile are mini videos) can really be a step forward.

[bctt tweet = “Everything we see on Instagram will be transported in video form to TikTok.” username = ”monicpirozzi”]

I admit that at first I was worried

When I first saw the kind of posts that were published on the TikTok app, I thought this would be the time to leave social media forever .

I don’t feel comfortable doing ballet with songs.

But then I thought:

“On social media, like Instagram and Facebook, there are a lot of serious companies and professionals willing to do even less dance than you. This means that we should all, serious and shy, find our own way of expressing ourselves. “

So I threw myself into it, looking for an authentic way to express my personality and my ideas.

I firmly believe that the more audiences and users grow, the more new forms of video making on TikTok will begin to emerge that will pave the way for anyone who wants to promote their image and grow as an influencer.

Have you tried the TikTok app yet?

Write in the comments if you’ve tried TikTok before, what impressions you got and leave your nickname so we can follow you! ?

I know that jumping on this platform is almost an investment, you have to spend time on it and you don’t know if you will be successful.

I advise you to give it a try, try to find your own style to express yourself and broaden what can be the current way of communicating.

We can’t all do karaoke , it’s something that, in my opinion, won’t last long.

But I’d like to hear from all of you and try to understand how the situation will evolve.

Maybe we’ll find ourselves celebrating our success in a few years and that’s what I hope for!
(and I’ll definitely write an article on how to increase TikTok followers?)

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See you next time,


Firma Monica Pirozzi

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