TikTok: how to change date of birth

Have you been using TikTok for some time but you realized that when registering you entered a wrong date and now you don’t know how to fix it? Don’t worry, everyone can happen to be a little careless or mess up when entering data from the smartphone. Don’t panic, as I love to tell you: for (almost) everything there is always a remedy, I’m here to help you and answer your questions in a simple and clear way.

In this article I will explain you how to change date of birth on TikTok , the well-known social network that allows you to share hilarious videos with lots of effects and fun filters with your followers. If you are wondering how to be able to change your personal data on the increasingly popular platform in Italy and in the rest of the world that allows you to make short-term videos from, I tell you right away that it is a very simple procedure that you can safely complete from your Android or iOS smartphone.

To succeed you must necessarily log out of your TikTok account , don’t worry it’s less serious than you might think . Now that I have definitely captured your attention and above all your curiosity I would say that the time has come to delve into this tutorial. Make yourself comfortable and dedicate a few minutes of your free time to me, you will see that it will be child’s play to succeed in your intentions. Pay attention to reading the next paragraphs and try to put my instructions into practice immediately.

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Why change the date of birth on TikTok

There may be several reasons why you now feel the need to change the day, month and year you were born on TikTok. You may have specifically entered a day other than the one you celebrate your birthday for protect your personal information .

You may, on the other hand, have clicked wrong and pressed on February instead of March. Everyone can make mistakes, don’t blame yourself. Haste or simply carelessness may have played against you.

Since 9 February TkTok has requested the date of birth from all its members after an agreement with the Privacy Guarantor to prevent the presence of minors on the well-known social network designed to share funny challenges and videos with music and special effects with friends.

That you have put a false date of birth to mistake or intentionally, it is certainly not to me to judge! My job is to guide you, step by step, in solving a problem. Let’s roll up our sleeves and go.

To be fair I must warn you right now that there is no real way to change the date of birth entered on TikTok at the time of creation account. To be able to change the date, you must, therefore, log out of the account currently in use on the TikTok platform.

Well, no more chatting and let’s get to the heart of the tutorial. If you want to change your age on the well-known video sharing social network, here are the steps that I recommend you follow and put into practice. Happy reading and good luck!

Changing the date of birth on TikTok

If you have decided to change the date of birth on TikTok, here are the simple steps that you must follow using your smartphone to succeed in the intent you have set for yourself:

  • Open the app of TikTok from your device
  • Pigia on Me (the little man icon at the bottom right)
  • Tap on the three dots at the top right
  • Click now on Exit at the bottom

  • You will be brought back on the TikTok home page
  • Click again on Me
  • Sign up again
  • Choose between telephone or email
  • Enter your birthday data (day, month and year of birth)
  • This way you can update your date of birth
  • Warning, make no mistake again!


As you will have realized by reading this short but hopefully useful tutorial, changing the date of birth you entered when registering on the TikTok note app is a game as kids but it takes a few minutes and above all that you log out of your account .

I have suggested all the basic instructions you need to follow to be able to change your date of birth, a procedure that I hope you do not want to carry out to create a false identity but because driven by other more valid reasons.

At this point I just have to say goodbye, for any doubt or information do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to help you. Good luck!

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