TikTok: how to hide caption in videos

Let’s face it, sometimes when we watch some videos on TikTok the subtitles and captions used to explain to users what it is is really annoying. You just have to keep following me, get comfortable and dedicate a few minutes of your time to me. Let’s find out together how to hide the caption in TikTok videos .

A terrible and irritating thing I would dare to say. If you’ve come across this page obviously written, stickers and logos superimposed in the videos don’t just bother me.

Well, now that I’m in great company we can tackle the problem. Fortunately, there are very easy and fast ways to get rid of the elements in question in a few seconds, you don’t need to be a computer expert or an editing wizard, you just need a little patience and a few tricks.

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What are subtitles on TikTok

esempio discalia sottotitoli tiktok
Example of TikTok caption

The famous Chinese app most used by very young solo) is certainly the most popular application of the last year, the most downloaded in the world. TikTok is an application through which users can make short videos (ranging in duration from 15 to 60 seconds) on various topics

On TikTok you can find everything: from fun choreographies, challenges, imitations of choreographies, interpretations of famous movie and TV series scenes, duets, reverse videos or simply make videos and save them on your device without publishing them or, again, insights from professionals from different sectors who, with short video pills, tackle numerous topics, from advice on nutrition, to fitness, to stimulating recommendations for those entering the world of work for the first time.

There are many users who create fun, interesting and original video content every day with curious and weird effects, filters, songs and subtitles.

Most of the video editing on TikTok is done before publishing the video, the writings that appear on the screen during the playback of a video are inserted, in fact, before publishing it. How to hide them?

In the past I’ve shown you the tricks to lip sync your TikTok videos, how to make a video in reverse and how to create a duet, and how to delete a video you don’t like more, now it’s time to find out how to eliminate subtitles in videos TikTok, phrases imprinted on the video that sometimes give a lot of annoyance.

Subtitles are expressions that they usually accompany an image or video to tell viewers what it is. These tags are also available on TikTok, but they are sometimes extremely annoying as they prevent you from seeing the entire video.

There are so many TikTok users around the world who have complained that some content has captions so long that they cover most of the screen . In this case, there is no way to fully enjoy a video as you would like. I’ll tell you right away, and I think you’ve got to notice it already, that the application does not have a setting that allows you to hide the subtitles of a video.

If you have published a video and want to hide the subtitles, what I recommend you do is to save the video you want to watch without subtitles getting in the way. If you have uploaded a video with a long caption, then, you just have to save it and reload it without writing anything in the caption box.

Tac! Problem solved. But what to do to hide subtitles in videos posted by other users? Keep following me.

How to hide the caption of someone else’s TikTok video

To hide the subtitles created in someone else’s video, simply launch the app, log in and follow the steps I am about to suggest:

  • Give a heart to the video you want to watch without subtitles
  • Tap the “ Me “(the one with the little man) to view the screen of your profile page
  • Select the tab ” Liked Videos “ the one with the icon a heart shape
  • Tap the video
  • Tap the “ Share ” button and then “ Save video
  • The download will start and show an increasing percentage
  • When the process is complete you will receive the notification ” Video saved ”
  • Go to the gallery on your phone to see the downloaded video

This quick method I just showed you will allow you to hide the annoying subtitles in a few quick steps so you can peacefully watch the videos you like most on TikTok.


Do you often watch videos on TikTok and would like to get rid once and for all of the annoying subtitles that are superimposed on your favorite movies?

How did you know, hide the annoying captions? and the subtitles of TikTok videos is not a particularly complex procedure.

Fortunately with the steps I have suggested you will be able to hide the subtitles very quickly and you can enjoy your favorite videos in peace on the famous app of the moment. Put my tips into practice and have fun!

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