TikTok: how to insert polls into videos

You’ve been downloading the TikTok app for a while now and are enjoying every day experimenting with videos with background music, filters and various effects such as syncing the lip, create a duet and do a dubbing. However, there is still something that you are unable to put into practice but that many users you follow using in the videos they post on their TikTok profiles. Are you trying everything but still can’t figure out how to ask questions in TikTok videos to increase feedback on the content you post?

No problem, in this article I will show you in a few simple steps how insert polls in TikTok videos . I thought I’d dedicate a tutorial because polls represent one of the possible ways to grow the audience of followers and create interactions.

Behind a profile with hundreds and hundreds of followers there are little tricks that help to spread in more directly the published contents. Much of the work is certainly done by the content created, but as I explained to you for Instagram in an old article, there are small but important tricks that can push your profile and make it successful. TikTok surveys are one of them.

All I ask of you is to simply relax and give me a few minutes of your free time. Make yourself a cup of hot black coffee and carefully read the steps I am about to show you. You will see the procedure for uploading a survey to TikTok is really very simple. Once you’ve discovered it, you won’t be able to do without it. Ready? Well, no more chatter and let’s go! Happy reading and above all have fun with your TikTok videos.

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What are TikTok polls

Without a doubt, after Facebook and Instagram, TikTok is one of the most popular and used apps in the world. We are certainly talking about the application of the moment, downloaded every day by many users (very young and not only). TikTok allows you to record and publish on your profile short videos by taking advantage of various functions, such as that of inserting surveys.

By watching your video, users will be able to send you a their reaction to the survey you published. How? Very simple, by simply answering the question you wrote in the survey. TikTok polls work just like the ones you’ve probably seen in Instagram Stories.

Adding a poll to a TikTok video is very simple and I’ll explain how to do it in the next paragraph. If you want to impress your followers and not only, increase the interactions in your content and try to increase the number of those who follow you on the new social network (in this regard, I point out this article on how to increase followers on TikTok) to become popular .

In addition to the latest trends, the particular effects, the challenges to quality content (the basis for success on any social network), surveys are an interesting function that I advise you not to underestimate. I’d say now it’s time to finally get to the heart of this tutorial.

How to insert polls in TikTok videos

If you want to experience TikTok’s polls feature there are a few quick steps I recommend you follow. Smartphone in hand, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the TikTok app
  • Touch the + symbol at the bottom center of the main screen
  • Now start recording the video
  • Now tap the red button round to start the video recording
  • Add effects and filters if you wish by clicking on the buttons on the right
  • Click on the red check
  • At the bottom select the icon Sticker
  • Tap Poll
  • Type a question you want to ask users
  • Then also type the possible answers among which users can choose
  • Pigia then on Fine
  • Tap on Next
  • Finally press the Publish button to publish your video with survey


In this short tutorial I showed you how to add a survey to your TikTok videos in a few important steps. Entering a question and answers from which your followers (and others) can choose is really a breeze!

You need a suggestion for your first survey ? I try to give you a hand. Post a video of your Sunday morning breakfast, for example, and create a survey for TikTok users with the question: “How do you prefer to have breakfast on the weekend?”. As answers you could write: 1. Cappuccino and croissant, 2. Orange juice and pancakes.

Have fun creating fun and interesting surveys, use this function also to get to know the public better of TikTok and maybe even be able to understand what they prefer to see to create content that will certainly not go unnoticed. I hope this article was helpful to you, for any questions or information do not hesitate to write to me. Good luck with your videos on TikTok!

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