TikTok: how to make a reverse video

At the moment the Chinese social network is certainly one of the most used social networks in the world, the most popular app by the very young (and not only) most popular of the last year . That is why today I will try to explain how to make a video in reverse on TikTok .

If you have come to this page you are obviously already using it or you have recently opened an account and do not see time to try your hand at creative, fun and wow-effect videos .

In the past I’ve shown you the tricks to lip sync in your TikTok videos or how to create a duet, now it’s time to discover another fun effect to use within your videos on the hugely popular social network with the music note icon to increase the number of your followers.

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TikTok: a brief overview

This app, halfway between a social network and a social media, was created by a Chinese company called ByteDance and launched on the world market in 2016. This original app was born from the merger with another application, Musical.ly, inheriting from this div erse functionality.

Currently, TikTok is the most downloaded application in the world , surpassing even Instagram and Facebook. If you want to keep up with fashion and create captivating and never banal videos, you cannot fail to know one of the most famous and used effects on this social network. In this guide I will show you how to make a video backwards .

If you have decided to open an account on TikTok, know that you can create and share lots of short videos with the social community of varying duration from 15 to 60 seconds , original, interesting, fun and why not even more engaged content.

On TikTok you can find, in fact, many professionals from different sectors who with video pills, through an original, youthful, schematic and very direct language, address numerous topics, from advice on nutrition, to fitness, to stimulating recommendations for those who enter the world of work for the first time.

Obviously there is no shortage of trends, many, some questionable, others really hilarious and original, such as making videos in reverse. Furthermore, even on TikTok, it is possible to classify your contents by attributing hashtags to it. Just like it works on Instagram, to make your content, in this case video, more viral, you use different hashtags.

How to capture the attention of other users and create popular videos, challenges and original content? Simple, using effects, adding music and filters; through particular functions you can always create new content to publish on the social network we are talking about and share on other social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

Well, in this guide we will talk about the reverse video function , as I already told you, one of the most popular on TikTok. This particular feature isn’t brand new and is quite similar to the Instagram boomerang, there is one important difference though: while the boomerang inserts your short clips into an infinite sequence, TikTok’s inverted effect simply plays your videos in reverse. .

To make reverse video you will need a pre-recorded video on which you will then apply this fun special effect. You can save a video in your smartphone gallery or make a new one directly from TikTok.

Make yourself comfortable, give me a few minutes of your time and I’ll show you how to make one of the effects that have depopulated on TikTok in the last year . Ready? Let’s go!

Recording a video in reverse from the TikTok app

To achieve the popular reverse effect, you can act directly from the TikTok app. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the TikTok app from your smartphone
  • Press (+) to center of the screen to record a video
  • Press and hold the red record button in the center and release it after recording the video
  • Press the check button that see bottom right
  • Tap Effects in the next window
  • Now go to Time Effects
  • Select Invert
  • Tap Save to upload the inverted video to the app

Done! Your video on the contrary has been uploaded to your TikTok “wall” and is ready to go viral and launch a new fun challenge.

Record a video in reverse using other apps h2>

To make a reverse video to publish on TikTok, as I told you, you can act on the video already saved in the gallery of our mobile phone. In this case you will need specific apps that you can use to quickly and easily reverse your TikTok videos.

Here are the apps I recommend you download to create your cute and captivating backward videos to share on TikTok. Open App Store or Play Store or simply connect to the browser with which you browse daily and download the app that will allow you to create particular videos with the “reverse” function.



BeeCut is a desktop tool that allows you to play videos in reverse. You will be able to find and discover numerous filters, transitions, overlays, mosaic effects and much more to make your video unique and certainly original. You can also delete parts of the video, merge two or more videos, add audio and, of course, make a video backwards.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open your browser from the PC
  • Connect to the BeeCut.com website
  • Proceed with the download and install the program on your computer
  • After installation start it
  • Select Import and then Import file
  • Select the video you want to operate on and drag it to the timeline
  • Alternatively you can press the (+) icon on the video thumbnail and add it to the timeline
  • Now double click on the file to view the editing functions
  • Click on Reverse
  • Finally click on Export
  • Save your video backwards on your PC



If you want to make a reverse video directly online, quickly and easily, I suggest you opt for a web application, the best in this case is definitely Ezgif .com.

As you might have guessed from its name, it is a real GIF converter that also offers other interesting and original functions, including the one you were looking for: “Invert video “.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to Ezgif.com
  • Upload the video you want to reverse
  • Then click on Upload video !
  • Choose the export format you prefer
  • Click on Invert video !
  • Click on the Save button to download the video to your computer

After a few moments you will have your video in reverse, ready to be immediately published on TikTok.

Video Reverse

reverse video

If you are using an iOS device, I recommend that you download the Video Reverse app, a valid and fast method to make reverse videos directly from your iOS device in a few quick steps:

  • Open App Store
  • Download the Video Reverse app
  • Open the app
  • Upload video from your gallery or record a new video with your iOS device camera
  • After uploading the video tap a Select
  • Select the speed you want
  • To save the changes tap on Save and then on Save video

That’s it, your backward video has been saved in the gallery of your device. All you have to do is open the TikTok app and load it, remember to add the hashtags!

Reverse Movie FX

reverse movie fx
Reverse Movie FX

If you are using an Android device, the app I recommend you to try is called Reverse Movie FX, a great way to play videos in reverse that has the reverse function.
Follow these steps:

  • Open Play Store
  • Download the Reverse Movie FX app
  • Open the app
  • Tap Start inversion
  • Choose the video you want to reverse from your device’s gallery
  • Select the starting segment and the final one of the video
  • Tap Start
  • In the new window select the reverse function you want
  • If you want you can add filters and audio
  • Then tap Start reversing
  • Save your video

Warning : to export HD videos to your device you must use the pro version of the application.


As you may have understood by reading this mini tutorial carefully, making a reverse video to upload to TikTok is really very simple. In a matter of minutes you will succeed in your intent and you will be able to give life to real fun and original challenges through this function.

You just have to test yourself, experiment and give life to your creativity using the apps that I suggested above or trying to make a video in reverse directly from the TikTok application. Remember, the watchword is to have fun.

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