Viky: how the instagram bot of the moment works

Who wouldn’t want to be an influencer! Yes, but becoming one is not at all easy. Today we will see together how Viky works, an instagram bot that allows you to easily increase the number of likes and followers.

In another article, in fact, we saw together a list of bots very nourished instagram. Not only that, I then tried to reveal all the strategies that I personally put in place to increase the number of followers on instragam.

Today we will go into detail, going to closely analyze what I believe to be, at the moment, one of the most reliable solutions to grow on Instagram. Once, in fact, there was Instagress , a bot much appreciated by Italian users. Unfortunately, recently, it had to close its doors and users immediately tried to replace it as best as possible.

Several similar solutions have been born in recent times. Some of them do their job well, others I would say have turned out to be a flop. I tried to analyze all of them, or almost all of them, and provide you with my impressions.

However, I remind you that using a bot is very subjective . What’s right for my business may not be right for yours. Beyond this, it should be added that bots, to work at their best, must be configured in a certain way. Nothing is given to you and, as we all know, these methods do nothing but give you a hand, but the biggest job is in your hands.

Are you looking for an Instagram Bot? Before going into detail analyzing this, I suggest you take a look at my updated comparative analysis where I explain how to choose the right Bot for you by comparing prices and characteristics of the best on the market

Index of contents

Why should I use a bot?

The first question you are most likely asking is why you should use a bot for instagram . The question is legitimate and it is right that you ask it. Using a bot could be seen as “cheating”. In reality this is not the case and I’ll explain why.

A bot is nothing more than an automaton, a robot that will act according to your precise instructions. Your success will continue to depend on the content that you will be able to offer to your niche, on the interaction you will be able to generate, on your skill in knowing above all to keep followers (as well as acquire them), on your ability to cultivate your community and much more.

Don’t think, therefore, that by putting money on the table and buying a bot that does the work for you, you will ensure growth constant and effective without doing anything. Success continues to pass through your hands.

The limits of instagram

Instagram, as it should be, tends to discourage behavior that could go against the community . A social network is a program that basically allows you to connect people, bots should not be foreseen in this logic.

The thing you must definitely avoid doing, is to overload your new little helper. Fortunately, Viky allows you to set up idle times. You could set them up at night, so that you can easily bypass instagram limits.

Be careful, in fact. At the beginning, I myself used to constantly leave comments and likes manually, plus I used a bot. This massive and intrusive practice cost me a block of 24 hours. Nothing irreparable, mind you, but it is always better to avoid, also because you would get the opposite effect.

Set the bot’s rest times carefully, based on your target market. Make it interact with your audience during the hottest times of the day.

Viky: a brief overview

But let’s get to the topic of discussion of the day: the bot that I have been using in these weeks and that I can recommend. I honestly don’t remember how I got to know Viky. I probably clicked on one of the many advertisements, or, more likely, I came across some article that listed a list of programs to use to achieve this.

Anyway, unlike the others I’ve used in the past, I have found this bot very easy and intuitive. The interface is clean and linear, it does not overload the user with a lot of information, everything is exactly where it should be and this immediately reassured me. It is a bot developed by Inochi Srl, a company based in Milan.

If there is one thing I hate, in fact, it is having to try to guess things by yourself, messing around and wasting precious time with complex settings. With Viky, luckily, I didn’t have this problem at all, in fact, it all seemed very natural to me.

Basically all I did was set my target reference , setting profiles similar to mine and hashtags that identified topics that I myself had previously discussed.

The bot, subsequently, gave me some interesting data, making me understand how refine my target and conversion rate based on what I had previously chosen.

One of the features I loved the most is definitely the one called Clean Feed . To achieve growth, in fact, you are very often forced to follow and unfollow people. This, however, dirties your feed, making it almost unmanageable. The bot, however, has also thought about this. By enabling this function, you will be able to get a clean feed and view the content only of the people who have returned your follow.

So here are some advantages that I would like to briefly list:

  • Ease of use by the user
  • Various price ranges: adapted to all budgets
  • Ease of setting a target audience
  • Choice of like and follow / unfollow speed
  • Rest mode
  • Clean Feed

How much does Viky cost

Ok, all great… but what about the costs? You know, we are in a very competitive market and, before choosing, you should ask yourself what the price of the Viky bot is. Let’s see together the different price ranges made available

  • Fast € 14.95 per month
  • Turbo € 24.95 per month
  • Extreme € 34.95 per month
  • Pro € 44.95 per month
  • Managed € 89.95 per month

As you can see, yes starts at only 14.95 to go up. Let’s see in detail what each plan offers. For complete details, however, I refer you to the official website, also because they may change over time and I want to avoid unpleasant surprises.


The fast plan is definitely the one cheapest among those offered, as well as being one of the cheapest on the market. With this plan you will have the possibility to: follow / unfollow profiles, automatically like posts, have a blacklist and a whitelist available and be able to measure performance thanks to reports.


The power plan allows you to have all the features of the fast one with the ability to perform operations much faster. Performing operations quickly, in fact, means generating more interaction and, potentially, more likes. This plan also contains the clean feed function I mentioned earlier.


The extreme plan provides all the features of the Power plan, with the difference that the speed doubles compared to what you can get with the fast plan.


The Pro is getting serious. I tried this after a 5 day free trial, and I have to say that the results have been excellent. As you can see from the screen in the figure, in fact, I got about 2000 likes in a month and, considering that I have done very few manual actions and posted very few contents, I consider it an excellent result.

Viky bot instagram
My Viky account

This plan, in fact, gives you the possibility to set private messages to send to new followers. This is a great way to sponsor your content outside of Instagram. Many, in fact, use instagram as a channel to exploit to try to send end users to third party sites. If, for example, you have an e-commerce, you could use this interesting feature to increase your conversion rate, proposing your products to those who have decided to follow you on IG.

With this plan, moreover, you will have at your disposal the report of the best engagers who are, basically, the targets that have paid the most. By analyzing them you will be able to learn their secrets and above all “fix the shot” by removing the segments that have not generated interaction or new followers for your profile.


The managed plan, as the word itself says, it requires help from the team that built the bot. This plan is the one that certainly guarantees the best growth since your profile will be subjected to an in-depth analysis.

The price, of course, is quite high. Therefore, I would recommend that you start with a basic plan and, above all, take advantage of the 5-day free trial available. At the end of these you can easily decide whether to continue or not.

I repeat, in fact, that the use of the bot is very subjective and this is not necessarily for you.

How to configure Viky

Let’s move on to configurations. As I told you, configuring the program is very simple. From the target menu item, you have the possibility to choose between:

You don’t necessarily have to use them all: it depends on your business. If you own a physical store in Novara, you will probably need to set your city as a reference point, but if you are shopping online you won’t need to set a specific place.

Il target di riferimento
The target audience

It’s all very relative and depends on the audience you’re targeting. For example, I am using the bot for a recipe instagram page. From the profiles section, therefore, I have inserted 100 profiles similar to what I propose.

I have inserted nutritionists, restaurants, other profiles that propose recipes, in short, profiles whose followers are probably also interested in my content. I did the same thing for hashtags, inserting all those tags that usually accompany recipe photos.

In short, in 5 minutes, the target audience was ready. The bot also advises you not to enter profiles that have too many followers, but to stay low since it is precisely those with less than 10,000 followers that make the most.

Now that the target audience is ready , you can switch to the settings, which you can access via the settings menu at the top.

impostazioni bot viky
viky bot settings

Here too the settings are very subjective, but I would like to list the ones I used, as I got good results and I worked a lot to fix them properly.

  • Follow profiles only with image
  • Don’t limit yourself to business profiles
  • Follow profiles that tend to have between 250 and 10,000 followers
  • Respect the bot’s rest times
  • Use the Clean Feed

  • Set the speed of operations to maximum

Analysis of the results obtained and projections

Now that you have set up your bot, all you have to do is wait and monitor the data. From the activity section, you will be able to analyze in detail all the operations that the automaton is carrying out for you.

Esempio di azioni svolte
Example of actions performed

In reports instead, you will have the opportunity to see first-hand what the bot has produced. In fact, you will be able to view the number of new followers obtained day by day. Here you can see which profiles and hashtags responded best and consequently go to refine your target daily to increase your conversion rate.


As we have seen, this is a way that allows you to quickly acquire new followers on instagram, but remember that no method is foolproof and, at the base of everything, there is always your content.

Do not commit the mistake of relying 100% on a machine. Get help, but don’t overdo it. Also because I imagine that yours is also a passion and, if the bot does everything, what pleasure do you have left?

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