“We are fashion”. Interview with Mywaytobefash

Today we publish an interview made a few days ago with Martina Meredith , aka Mywaytobefash . Passionate about fashion, Martina has managed to transform her passion into a commercial activity thanks to a blog and a very popular Instagram profile, in which she describes her idea of ​​fashion about her.

Her account of her IG her is a succession of interesting style ideas. Never banal, Martina manages to be original even when wearing simple garments thanks to successful combinations of both cuts and colors. A melting pot of styles that is often enriched with British influences. Moreover, she does not disdain more elegant looks, even if never formal.


Hi Martina, what is Mywaytobefash? How did this project come about?

Mywaytobefash was born two years ago after a family tragedy that forced me home for long periods. I have always loved fashion and being able to change often, Instagram simply gave me the opportunity to share a passion with others, without having to leave my home and my family. It was born for fun, as a hobby and for passion. It is the expression of myself and my state of mind through photos and places.

You are a fashion blogger in the proper sense, that is, you have, in addition to social channels, a blog in which you tell in depth your idea of ​​fashion. What role does the blog play for you in the overall project? Does it still have an importance in your sector comparable to that of social media or is it a form of communication that has become secondary?

I still have a lot to do before I can consider myself a true fashion blogger. Yes, I use my blog and collaborate to gain followers every day, I spend a lot of my time on social media to promote my passion. But becoming a fashion blogger would really be a dream. Let’s say it was born for fun and now it takes up most of my time but I still have a long way to go, let’s hope we can!

Tell us something about Italian fashion. Where are the latest trends heading?

Italian fashion has always been synonymous with elegance and quality, and it still is today. If the trends were previously dictated by the catwalks and the ‘fashion capitals’, now they are born more and more often on social media, such as Instagram. And influencers like Chiara Ferragni are the undisputed queens of the trend of the period, “elected by the people”, that is, by those who follow you.

And so ugly sneakers become a must more than a classic timeless heel shoe! In short, we are fashion, we are the creators, the stylists are the tools we use rather than those that set trends.

Martina Merdith Mywaytobefash

Your Instagram profile has over 20,000 followers and you receive numerous comments for every post you publish. Were there moments, events, particular collaborations that allowed you to reach these numbers or was it a gradual growth?

I experienced it as a gradual growth, however, certainly some collaborations have certainly helped me to grow. It takes a lot of dedication and a bit of luck too.

Regarding Instagram, there are some ‘hot’ issues on which agencies and influencers often use very different approaches. What’s your stance on comment bots and pods? Would you suggest its use?

I can’t answer this question because I’ve never used them personally and I don’t usually give an opinion on a topic that I don’t know or have personally experienced.

Are there any apps or filters that you would recommend to aspiring fashion bloggers?

In general I would recommend just being yourself and putting passion into what they do, I don’t think there is a universal recipe for success but if you do one thing with passion and believe in yourself you are halfway to success. / p>

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