Webstagram, why social media managers use it and what it is for

If you use Instagram, you may have heard of a tool that can explore this world of photos and images in a different way. Even anonymously and without logging in. I’m talking about Webstagram , do you know it?

Probably yes because it is one of the most famous social media marketing tools used a lot by professionals who want to give an edge to the editorial plan of publications on this platform,

and by whom searches influencer and collaborators online. For what reason? We need to deepen the skills and expertise of Webstagram.

What is Webstagram: definition

Webstagram.org is a social media analysis platform where you can check the information of your Twitter and Instagram account but also of your competitor , customers or potential collaborators. You can also compare the results in order to have more precise and useful information for the reports.

This is a tool that allows you to evaluate the Instagram and Twitter accounts of the people you want to study and evaluate. This happens above all in the operations of blogger outreach and influencer marketing.

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For Twitter or Instagram marketing

That’s right, the advantage of this social analyzer tool is that you can leverage a number of tools to work with two platforms .

This allows those who have to dedicate themselves to the world of analysis to reduce the time and steps to use different tools. For example for Twitter you can use the well known Followerwonk , while for Instagram there are other tools like www.ninjalitics.com which are always very valid.

I also tried this reality and it satisfied me, the result is an interesting interface that is very easy to use even from mobile .

Per Twitter o Instagram marketing
Have you already analyzed your profile with Ninja?

But with Webstagram you can have authoritative and complete content by evaluating multiple sources at the same time. Those that, in principle, have more weight when you want to reach a community .

What you can-do with Webstagram

The first point that I recommend you to evaluate for the management of this tool dedicated to social media managers: the evaluation of the personal profile. In fact, through Webstagram it is possible to identify a series of useful information to understand if an account has grown over the years.

This applies to both Twitter and Instagram. Also you can compare two different accounts and understand which is the most virtuous . But, of course, this all becomes more relevant when you consider the fact that it can be used to do a very important job: finding good profiles.

Those involved in influencer marketing on Instagram and Twitter know how difficult it is to find really good people to contact .

Full time digital PR and blogger outreach knows how important data is to evaluate in-depth user profiles.

How to use this social tool

First you have to go to the official website (webstagram.org) and it is better to use a good AdBlocker because the advertising here is particularly intrusive. That said, you you have a directory of the most valid and known profiles in absolute terms. Here is an example in the image below.

The Webstagram directory.

The directory is a very interesting tool because it allows you to deal with a series of fundamental steps of the analysis. For example, you can organize the results based on a series of always interesting values:

  • ID.
  • Username.
  • Follower.
  • Following.
  • Engagement .

Consequently, you can take advantage of one of the most interesting factors when evaluating a contact on Instagram or Twitter, namely say the involvement. Also in the directory you can filter based on the words present in the bio .

And at the end of the home page you will find the comparative tool to start a first check of the profile you are interested in, managing the possibility of analyzing attendance both on Twitter and on Instagram . But if you want to use this tool to the fullest you have to go to the first registration or log in.

What-data does Webstagram return?

The most interesting part of the journey begins to discover this tool for Instagram and Twitter, or the one dedicated to the final result of the analysis.

What do you find at the end of the study that Webstagram does when you ask to analyze a profile? Just take a look at the directory to get a first set of information. For example, you can instantly get the growth statistics regarding followers and engagement.

So you can keep a pulse of the situation and evaluate the progress and / or deterioration of any Instagram / Twitter account with analysis of followers, publications, engagement rate and other metrics.

Quali dati restituisce Webstagram?
The statistics graph.

But that’s not all, you can dig into the account’s past and have current data regarding followed people , followers, retweets and likes. All this is also brought into the preventive analysis function.

Accurate (and free) statistics are generated for any account, even with the forecast of future trends in the coming days.

All this without forgetting that you can compare multiple accounts, export reports to PDF and organize data in reports to send by email. In fact, you can get email notifications on your monitored social accounts.

What are the best alternatives

Webstagram does not always satisfy all the needs of those who work in the universe of digital PR and influencer marketing, often the work of bloggers outreach involves different skills and availability.

That’s why there’s always a need for a good replacement. I suggest 4, a little taste to understand how many possibilities there are beyond Webstagram.

Twitter Engage

With this tool dedicated to the analysis of Twitter – and of engagement in particular – you can precisely identify the most important followers and @ mentions when you are looking for influencers and fans who are particularly useful for your activities social media strategist and blogger outreach for a brand .


One of the most popular tools for analyzing Instagram profiles and discovering accounts that you can (or better, should) include in your PR strategy.

The network returned by Socialbakers.

This tool that competes with Webstagram allows you to identify the right audience by choosing influencers based on their interests, demographic data and hashtag they use. Summing it up with a value.


With this tool, you can spot one of the most interesting points in analyzing an account. I’m talking about the data, the statistics of Twitter:

  • Like.
  • Retweet.
  • Mentions.
  • Views.

You can filter with tools that allow you to choose different times. Everything is shown through beautiful graphics such as mind maps .


Another tool dedicated to the social media universe analytics , but in this case we are referring to Instagram . What does this tool return?

An analysis of the Instagram profile online and in a completely free formula. The interesting aspect is just that: just enter the username to get everything you need to evaluate a user.

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Do you use this web analytics tool?

Personally, I’ve always thought about working with few – but good – tools to obtain data to exploit in the social media marketing universe. The reason is clear: you need to limit and monitor what you need.

This means that, in reality, you don’t need 20 tools to do social media marketing and to find your best influencers. a few are enough, and I think Webstagram is particularly useful to get a clear overview of the people you care about. but also for you.

That is to evaluate the work you have personally done on your profile. So, have you used this utility yet? Will you try it soon? Let me know.

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