What are giveaways

“Boys and girls, it’s time for a giveaway, to thank you for all your love”…

Those who frequent social media and the internet world know that when there is something important to celebrate, a giveaway arrives. Time for gifts. This is the way brands, influencers and youtubers have found over the years to thank their followers for being so present and loyal. But it is also one of the best strategies to capture likes and to increase your followers in an organic way and often even considerably. Let’s see why.

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How Giveaways were born

Giveaway in English literally means homage, in its noun form, and to give, to give away, if you consider the compound verb give away . And this is precisely what it is about, giving away, giving something for free. The practice of free gifts or prize draws organized by companies is as old as modern marketing itself. In the social universe, giveaways are organized more and more often, because they are an excellent tool to make yourself known , to grab new followers and increase engagement and interactions with your users.

First on Youtube and later on Instagram, the practice of giveaways has spread like wildfire, so much so that it has become typical of social networks. Widespread in the world of beauty products, they have now embraced any sector. The mechanism is very simple and it is just like a prize draw. You put something up for grabs and in exchange you ask the user to take an action. Within the social IG, where the phenomenon is rampant, usually you are asked to follow a page, put the like on photos, leave a comment, share content and tag one or more people. The purpose of the giveaway is to get people talked about as much as possible . The user is left with the possibility of being able to win a prize with minimal effort.

But the giveaways also work off social networks and can be organized on any platform, even on a website, by asking the participating user, for example, to click on a link and fill out a form . The benefits, also in this case, are manifold: acquisition of new profiled contacts, introducing new products, increasing brand awareness , attracting potential customers and retaining existing ones. In the case of giveaways organized outside social networks, it is necessary to create an ad hoc landing page , which includes a simple form to fill out and which is connected to an email service that allows remarketing .

What are the real benefits of a Giveaway

Giveaways are an excellent tool for promoting your brand and for making brand awareness, which is why influencers are often involved who are entrusted with the task of managing everything in their profile. In this way, the influencer’s followers are conveyed to the page of the brand that is giving away the prize. It is an excellent tool when launching a new product , for example.

They work very well with famous brands, but also on smaller profiles, which are intended to promote themselves and get some publicity. The goals of a giveaway are precisely to retain their audience , who feel rewarded by the possibility of receiving something as a gift, increasing engagement with old followers and laying the foundations to create new relationships with new followers, who will arrive attracted by this initiative.

Giveaways usually take place over a well-defined period of time, which can vary from case to case, and the fact that they require shares and tags, sets in motion a very powerful sharing system, which is able to reach high levels of visibility. The more we are visible on IG, the more chances you have to increase the number of followers and become more influential.

How to organize a Giveaway

Before setting out to organize a giveaway, it is important to ask yourself what are the goals you want to achieve. Based on the objective, the rules for the participants will be structured and organized.

In the beginning, organizing a giveaway wasn’t particularly complicated. Let’s talk about the past because the growth of competitions organized on social networks or online has been so high as to require a specific regulation , which has complicated things a lot. The current Italian law compares giveaways to real prize contests , which are regulated by specific rules that limit the freedom of organization. Yet, despite having to comply with specific legislation, they remain one of the most used tools especially in social Instagram.

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