What are Instagram bots, 4 steps to discover them

Have you heard about it a lot, but don’t know what Instagram bots are or how Instagram bots work? No problem: we are here to explain it to you!

Finding new followers, increasing the number of interactions, improving the algorithm of your profile: these are the most common topics that invariably lead to talking about Instagram bots or how instagram bots work. Why?

Simple: because bots allow you to perform these and other actions automatically.

Instagram bots are nothing more than software that interact with the social network. Their purpose is to grow the profile on which they are used, making it gain visibility.

Everyone can benefit from their use, by normal users, who wish to reach a wider audience. vast for pure pleasure, to professionals. For the latter, increasing the visibility of the Instagram profile is the starting point for acquiring new customers and increasing turnover.

So, whatever the reason you want to grow your profile, Instagram bots will be able to help you, but only if you know how to choose the right program. In fact, you must know that not all of them give the promised results; indeed, some may even penalize your profile.

Below we will explain what Instagram bots are, how to choose the best one to avoid being penalized and why you should use them.

Instagram bots: what are they?

The term bot derives from “robot” and identifies programs intended for the automation of certain operations that are usually performed manually by users.

bot di instagram

The bot allows you to speed up and simplify some actions, such as sending messages, comments or likes on social networks. Web crawlers, used by search engines to index and position websites, pages and blogs on the web, are also bots.

But, specifically, what are Instagram bots?

Instagram bots are software or apps that, after being connected to your profile, help you:

  • increase the number of followers
  • increase following and unfollowing
  • leave likes and comments
  • receive likes and comments.

These operations are performed automatically by the program, based on the settings and parameters chosen. Of course, not all bots allow you to perform all operations; some are focused only on receiving, others on giving while still others provide the complete package.

You will have to evaluate which operations you want to delegate to the computer and which, instead, you think you can manage optimally alone.

Instagram bot: why use them?

You know that Instagram is one of the most used social media and that half a billion daily active users are tempting. You can already imagine the success of your profile, with thousands of followers waiting for your updates, the last photo, the new stories.

cosa è il bot di instagram

If you start an activity , sell products or offer services, for sure you think of the many users that you will be able to convert into new paying customers.

In the wake of enthusiasm, open your new Instagram page, schedule an editorial calendar and start sharing your content. One day, two days, three days, one week, one month: the number of followers is still low and your engagement rate is close to absolute zero. Why?

What are you doing wrong?

The errors underlying the problem could be many, but there is one that beats them all: the lack of visibility. Even if your content is excellent, you will not get any results if no one sees it.

To gain visibility on Instagram, it is important to be active: not just sharing content and choosing the best hashtags , but also commenting, liking and following new people are essential actions to increase your chances of success.

bot di instagram cosa sono

The more you interact with the right people, the more chances you will have to attract them to your profile and in turn receive comments, likes and new followers. The increased interest in your content will improve your algorithm and, little by little, your profile will grow.

To put a winning strategy into practice, you should spend a lot of time to these activities. Alternatively, you could hire someone to take care of it for you, but the investment would be quite high.

This is where Instagram bots come in: cheaper than an employee, more controllable by setting certain parameters, faster and more efficient.

Instagram bot: they are not all the same

You are ready to choose the best Instagram bot, but how? What parameters to consider?

First of all, consider whether to rely on a software that limits itself to adding comments, likes and followers in your place or that only increases the same parameters on your profile. Or if you choose one that does both.

Secondly, ask yourself if you want to try a computer program or a smartphone app, or if you prefer not to have to install anything on your devices. In this second case, you can opt for a web based service. Online you can find many solutions, both free and paid.

Third point: the settings. Some programs allow you to set the profile of the users you want to reach and involve in your actions.

Among the data to indicate are the age, nationality, profession, hashtags of reference, the interweaves. Correctly identifying the target audience is essential to obtain results.

Fourth: read the reviews available online. Whether written by industry professionals or by users who have already used a certain Instagram bot program, it doesn’t matter.

Once you have identified the programs that seem most interesting and useful to you, search all possible information online. Reviews, opinions and evaluations on industry blogs, magazines or on the App Store can provide you with a valid clue as to the real effectiveness of a software.

Fourth aspect, but of primary importance: make sure that the bot you choose acts in compliance with the rules imposed by Instagram. This will prevent social media from identifying the actions performed by your account as the work of a robot and will not penalize you.

How the most reliable Instagram bots work

How do Instagram bots work? Consequently, how should they behave to prevent the control systems of the social network from noticing them?

To avoid penalties such as the temporary blackout of your profile, you must choose Instagram bots that replicate the behavior human.

This means that the actions they perform must be diluted over time and respect the average speed of a human being.

So no to those programs that insert hundreds of likes and comments in no time.

Also beware of bots that increase followers and likes on your profile.

In most of the cases, these actions are carried out using false or empty profiles, therefore totally useless, if not downright harmful.

Instagram bots: our solution

What are Instagram bots you understand, and also what features you need to consider before choosing one.

At this point, we want to tell you about ours.

In addition to providing you with all the information and useful tools to understand what Instagram bots are and choose the one that best suits your needs, we also provide you with the solution.

With our bot service you can grow your Instagram profile safely and effectively. Our robots are programmed to simulate human behavior, so you will not risk seeing your profile out of the blue.

In addition, we offer you a quality service that guarantees you the achievement of the objectives you will have set for yourself.

Bot for Instagram: the mistakes to avoid

By relying on a professional service, you will be largely covered and protected from the most serious mistakes that could make your experience with Instagram bots a real nightmare.

Nonetheless, it is important know what it is better not to do when choosing and using a program of this type:

  • set goals too high: the functioning of Instagram bots, as we have already explained to you, must be as similar as possible to the actions performed by a real user. For this , when you get to grips with configurations, don’t set goals that are too high. Here’s an example: asking the system to put 300 likes per hour and to follow 400 new users would not be a good idea. No human being could reach such high levels of action. Much better to give yourself smaller goals, like 20 likes and 10 new followers every hour;
  • use bots continuously: let the system grind every hour and every industrial amounts of likes, comments, following and unfollowing could attract the unwanted attention of Instagram. Limit the software activity to a few hours a day;
  • let the Instagram bots: What are Instagram bots but helpers? Helpers can lighten some of the work, but they can’t do everything for you. So, especially to avoid attracting the ire of the social on your profile, alternate the automated action to the manual one.

The manual interventions on Instagram

Not to be too conspicuous , you could limit the interventions of Instagram bots to just like and following, and dedicate yourself to comments or, at least, to the most important ones.

In this way, your interventions will be more human and personal, and users will be more enticed to find out who you are.

From time to time, also enter some likes and add some follow yourself, but don’t overdo it.

Remember that Instagram not only punishes those who use bots, but anyone who applies unclean strategies to increase the visibility of their profile.

Also remember not to manually intervene when the bot is running.

Instagram bot and not only: how to grow your profile

Not just bots: to grow your profile, find new followers and, if you sell products or services, convert them into paying and loyal customers you must have a strategy.

This can also include Instagram bots, but they are not enough. Now that you know what Instagram bots are, you also know that excessive use could create problems for your account.

To be successful and not take unnecessary risks you must follow an effective strategy, done of objectives, planning of the operations to be carried out and alternation between manual and automatic.

Here are the key points to grow on Instagram:

  • set goals that can be achieved in the short, medium and long term;
  • draw up an editorial plan;
  • create content that can be interesting for your target audience. Remember that on Instagram the quality and originality of the images and videos is essential to be successful;
  • use the stories to engage the your potential customers in the reality of your brand, letting them know its history and objectives, as well as the uniqueness of the products;
  • if you use a company profile, do not give up on sponsored ones , but be careful to correctly set the target, budget and duration;
  • contact influencers in your sector or, alternatively, normal users with a good number of followers , and promote your account on their profiles;
  • be active : comment, like, follow new people and stop to follow those who no longer interest you, also taking advantage of the convenience of Instagram bots.


Thanks to our article you have finally understood what Instagram bots are and you have decided to try to use them to grow your account.

Remember that the golden rule is to be cautious and prevent the social network from noticing that, behind your work, there is a robot.

Instagram was born to create real interactions between pe rsone and to enhance quality content, that is, those you really like. An image or a video that generates lots of likes and comments improves the algorithm and helps your profile to get noticed.

However, if Instagram realizes that the success obtained does not depend on the quality, but from an irregular behavior, it penalizes you and all your work is solved with a hole in the water.

To avoid problems and continue to grow, rely on a professional and quality service such as what we offer you. This way, Instagram bots will go unnoticed and you can sleep peacefully.

Day after day, you will see your profile grow. Your new followers will be real people, interested in your content, who will interact with you on their own initiative.

We talked about how Instagram bots work. Find out more on our blog, or visit our social channels.


Cosa sono i bot di Instagram, 4 passi per scoprirli

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