What are Instagram Stories for close friends and how to make one

Living and sharing on social networks, these are the watchwords of recent years. And it’s great to stay in touch with everything and everyone and exhibit everything we do. And if for some it’s just a way to show off, for others it’s an opportunity to follow the people you love and who maybe, for various reasons, are far away.

Let’s think for a moment of a child on Erasmus or on a study holiday on the other side of the world. How consoling is it for a parent to be able to see that the child is fine, that he is having a lot of experiences and that he is safe? Until a few years ago all this was impossible and those who studied and worked abroad were forced to queue in front of the phone centers, which allowed them to call home at discounted prices. Therefore, social networks and innovations are welcome, which, if used properly, can improve our lives.

But let’s face it, you don’t have to show everything to everyone . Some things are good to stay private. It would be great to be able to decide who can see the stories that are posted on Instagram and who can’t. Well, perhaps not everyone knows that this is possible. How? Just create a list of close friends or close friends and share your most intimate and private stories only with them. Let’s see how to do it together.

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How to create a short friends list on Instagram

Unless you have a private profile, everything on Instagram is visible to everyone. Of course it is possible to manually inhibit the vision of our contents to a single account , but when you have many followers it becomes a bit complicated and cumbersome, also because you don’t necessarily want to block the visibility of all contents.

To safeguard our privacy a little and make us even more free to share even the most intimate and private things only with whoever we want, Instagram has studied the possibility of creating a list of people, close friends precisely, with which to choose to share certain contents, which will not be visible to other followers. In a few simple steps we will have our list ready and beautiful.

From our account page, accessed from Home by clicking on the bottom right of our photo, we activate the scrolling menu, recognizable by the icon with three horizontal lines. From here we go to click on Amici Ristretti and here it is immediately possible to start creating our list. Names can be added manually to the list or via the suggestions function. We confirm and that’s it. We have created our close friends , whose list will be editable at any time.

How to share an Instagram story only with close friends

Now that our list is nice and ready, it will be a breeze to share everything we want with whoever we want. Once, in fact, that we have the content, we will have the possibility to choose whether to show it to everyone or only to our close friends directly from the stories page, using the green star that appears at the bottom left .

The close friends who see our stories will recognize them immediately, because our profile photo in the sliding tray will appear outlined in green, unlike the others that have the color of the Instagram logo.

To the recipients of the content, our story will appear with a green label, which informs you that you are part of a close group of friends and that the content is only visible to members. This green label is clickable and allows you to directly add the contact to our close friends or edit our list. The list of close friends is secret and is not shown to the other members of the group .

And now we can start sharing our most private stories only with whoever we want.

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