What are the dimensions of the images for social media? Updated article 2020

You know what’s a really annoying thing to see when opening a social profile? Images that are stretched, grainy or pixelated. Needless to tell you that it is often a defect linked to the size of the photo itself: a beginner’s mistake, which is really good not to commit if you are managing a company account or a personal profile that you want to grow.

And although much has been written on the subject, there are still thousands of users who search on Google for “image size” for any publication on social networks. I tried it myself, and Google’s suggestions were quite explanatory of the matter:

That’s why today I’ll try to provide you with a rather exhaustive guide on image sizes for social networks , so as to definitively clarify any doubts on the matter.

Facebook, image-size 2020

facebook image sizes

Of all the platforms, Facebook is undoubtedly the one that requires the widest variety of images, different from each other in size and functionality. If we consider that it is still the most popular social network in the world – with almost 2.5 billion monthly active users in the fourth quarter of 2019 – and that the visual content is the one that attracts the public the most, it is clear that it is important to know the rules for correct sharing of photos on the platform. Here are a few.

  • Profile picture size: 180×180
  • Cover photo size: 820×312
  • Video post size: 1280×7230
  • Story picture size : 1080×1920
  • Event image size: 1920×1080
  • Link image size: 1200×628
  • Post image size: 1200×900

Al beyond the size of the images, it is important to follow other small tricks to ensure a visual content with optimal rendering:

  • The Facebook profile photo is shown in both square and circle form (depending on where it appears). So make sure that the most important elements of your photo are well centered , so that they can be seen in both formats.
  • The dimensions of the cover photo, on the other hand, are slightly higher on mobile devices (640×360). So before publishing, make sure the image looks good on both formats by centering the important elements of the photo before uploading it.
  • As for video size, also consider posting content in square format and perhaps use the vertical format for ads.
  • If we look at the size of the Stories images, we must consider that the 1080×1920 format can be valid for both organic and paid publications. One could even think of a 500×500 format for a Story, but it is not too advisable as it does not fill the entire available space.

Instagram, image size 2020

instagram image sizes

Here we are. Instagram, the social network based on visual content more than any other. It is therefore clear that the images must be beautiful to look at, quite simply. Therefore, you cannot be wrong about the dimensions to be respected, because you cannot run the risk of publishing grainy or deformed photos. So here are the right formats to respect:

  • Profile picture size: 180×180
  • Picture size (square): 1080×1080
  • Picture size (panorama): 1080×566
  • Photo size (portrait): 1080×1350
  • Story size: 1080×1920
  • Post video size (square): 600×600
  • Post video size (panorama): 600×315
  • Video post size (portrait): 600×750

As with Facebook, even for Instagram you would do well to follow a few small tricks, assuming you really want to achieve success on the platform :

  • Count that your profile picture will be reduced to round size, so make sure you choose a photo that fits this shape well
  • Although there are three different photo formats, I recommend I strongly recommend to use above all those of the landscape and of the portrait, because they take up more space in the Feed and attract the attention of users more

Twitter, image size 2020

twitter image sizes

By and large, at least until recently, Twitter wasn’t a platform with an image focus. Above all, the words counted. Users then had to win audiences with edgy tweets and hashtag that is appropriate. Now, however, images matter a lot here too. And if you are wondering if it is necessary to respect specific dimensions, the answer is yes.

  • Profile picture size: 150×150
  • Header size: 1500×1500
  • Video post size (square): 720×720
  • Size Post video (panorama): 1280×720
  • Post video (portrait) size: 720×1280
  • Post image size: 1200×675
  • Card image size: 1200×628

Are you wondering if there are tricks for Twitter too? Here are some of them:

  • As with other social networks, the profile picture is transformed into a round format, so be sure to choose the photo with extreme care
  • Generally, the format of a video content is the same for organic publications and sponsorships, but I advise you to opt for a square or vertical format instead, so as to take up more space in the Feed and attract the attention of users
  • All the suggested sizes can be used without distinction also for advertisements

LinkedIn, image size 2020

linkedin image sizes

If I tell you LinkedIn, I’m sure the last thing you think about is the quality of the images you post. Yet, although its function is purely professional, this does not mean that the photos do not matter. On the contrary, the visual contents are not a little successful on the platform. On the other hand, a personal profile works just like a business card, and a company page like an emblematic board of the brand . It goes without saying that images play a very important role in interacting with the public.

  • Post video size (maximum): 4096×2304
  • Image size (square): 1200×1200

Dimensions for personal profiles

  • Profile picture size: 400×400
  • Background photo size: 1584×396

Size for company pages

  • Size of logo : 300×300
  • Cover photo size: 1536×768
  • Sponsored content image size: 1200×628

YouTube, image size 2020

youtube image sizes

For the uninitiated, YouTube is not only the second most visited site in the world, but also the second most used search engine after Google. It is therefore a platform very populated by users of all kinds, so it is important that you are present here if you want to interact with your audience. And once again, being a social network, don’t think you can escape the size of the images.

  • Profile picture size: 800×800
  • YouTube channel size: 2560×1440
  • Video thumbnail image size: 1280×720

Here are all the correct dimensions for the images to be published on your social media. Now you have no excuses. So I’m sure that if I go through your profile, I’ll never find grainy or warped photos … right !?

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