What goals can be achieved with social media?

Quali obiettivi si possono raggiungere con i social

In recent years, in Italy, many small and very small companies have enhanced their products or services only and exclusively through social media marketing activities.

it is an atypical phenomenon for those who live reality every day
digital because, as is well known, with the internet it is possible
diversify on several levels – it is possible to talk about activities
horizontal and vertical activities – their own digital strategies
communication in order to reach a good part of the

the choice of companies to focus only on social networks is
also conditioned by all those who profess to be experts in
sector, but which in reality have no competence in the field
of business marketing, given that the latter continue to
promise extraordinary results by identifying
little concrete business objectives.

despite a greater awareness on the part of entrepreneurs
Italians, even today, many self-styled social media managers
continue to focus on useless goals such as: number of
followers and visibility on social networks.

(for them) the visibility and the number of followers are not two
relevant parameters for the competitiveness of the company, given that
companies need to focus on notoriety and reputation for
sell their products or services.

So, leaving aside the metrics that do not affect company budgets, what goals can be achieved with social networks?

Growth in corporate awareness

The first major goal that can be achieved with an effective social media marketing strategy is to increase corporate awareness.

The brand awareness (find out how brand awareness is classified) is one of the most important metrics for those involved in marketing since by increasing the popularity of a brand it will be possible to create new business opportunities especially for those activities that offer products or services innovative.

Corporate reputation management

The second goal that can be achieved with social media is that relating to corporate reputation management.

The brand reputation is influenced by a series of factors (find out which factors influence the company’s reputation) including the publication of ad hoc content on social networks (you know which content should never be published on company profiles?).

every marketer must be able to devise strategies
content marketing oriented to corporate reputation management
as well as the growth of brand awareness.

Customer loyalty through social media

One of the main goals of businesses that use social media is to build customer loyalty.

customer loyalty is another fundamental metric to survive in an increasingly complex market, given that in business marketing we can identify four types of customers (discover the different types of customers).

companies that are able to increase the index of
loyalty are those that offer a range of services –
pre-sales and after-sales, or customer assistance in real time –
of high quality.

activities that focus their strategies to improve
customer loyalty also have indirect benefits.

by increasing the retention rate, you will also have an increase
indirect of brand awareness and brand reputation.

In short
these are three closely related parameters.

Customer support on social networks

Another important goal that can be achieved on social networks is to provide real-time assistance to its customers.

of the best social platforms to manage customer service is
Twitter but also Facebook, with Messenger and Whatsapp, can be a
excellent ally for those who want to follow their customers in the processes
after sales.

Selling products or services on social networks

The sale of products or services on social networks can take place in two ways:

  • Indirectly;
  • Directly;

In the
first case, the company leverages the phenomenon of webrooming for
sell its goods or services at outlets while in the
second case, the business will be able to sell directly online on
Facebook and on Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg’s two social networks allow you to set up
virtual showcases where to show the main products and services
offered on the market.

it deals with two instruments still little used in Italy but that in the
the next few years will represent one of the best tools to sell

What goals can be achieved with social media: conclusions

Despite a greater awareness of social platforms, many marketers continue to focus on ephemeral metrics such as: visibility and number of followers.

reality these two parameters do not allow companies to be
competitive in the market, as to survive the ruthless
competition from the main competitors it is necessary to focus on
concrete, measurable and easily achievable goals.

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