What is Pinterest and how this social network works

Pinterest is a social network that allows subscribers to organize and share photos and videos. This would be enough to give a clear definition of a platform that, after years, continues to thrill.

In fact, how many ideas did you come up with thanks to Pinterest? So many. How many ideas have you collected and organized on message boards – as the collections of images and photos are called – both public and private? Quite a number, I’m sure.

Because we are faced with a social network that simplifies actions, moves on the idea of ​​being able to organize everything in the best possible way. And above all, play with the visual within specific communities . Who manage to speak with discretion and confidence to a specific audience.

That’s why the platform that bears the name of Pinterest is perfect for companies, free entrepreneurs , simple enthusiasts of certain sectors.

But does it always work? Is there a constant and essential need to activate a Pinterest profile? What are the outlets in terms of web marketing, online promotion and digital strategy? Read the guide.

What is Pinterest: definition and history

This is a social network that allows you to share images, videos and photos, organizing them in message boards. Which can be public or private. You can also create business profiles and advertise on Pinterest .

How did this name come about? From the fusion of two English words: pin and interest , that is pin and interest. As always, the Anglo-Saxon idiom helps to compact the meaning . Pinterest is a virtual place where you can use digital bulletin boards to pin down ideas.

Definition of Pinterest in video.

The project was founded in 2010 thanks to the idea of ​​Evan Sharp, Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra . It has the typical growth of a startup going, from August to November 2011, from 1.2 million writings to 4 (Wikipedia).

From this moment Pinterest continues to grow and becomes a point of reference both for fans of certain sectors – such as food, fashion, travel, do-it-yourself, weddings – and for online promotion.

Despite this, Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.it) remains a free service which, however, has decided to monetize through the use of advertising.

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Why was Pinterest successful?

There are many people who still ask why this social network has become a reference point for companies and freelancers, bloggers and influencer , who work in the world of online promotion. So why is Pinterest so popular?

From my point of view, the answer is its ability to stimulate the need to collect , organize and show what you love. Pinterest stimulates the idea of ​​having your own world just a click away.

On the other hand, it’s perfect for anyone who needs to use the web to find new ideas and inspiration. It is no coincidence that the most famous areas and topics dealt with most consistently on Pinterest are those related to furniture, design and clothing, with a particular focus on weddings .

Pin and repin: minimum-vocabulary

Before addressing the functioning of this social network, I think it is right to give a basic definition of the language to be addressed on this platform. Those who do not know it, in fact, could find themselves in difficulty . Here’s what you need to know to get around with ease:

  • Board : the thematic collection of photos.
  • Pin : the image saved in a pinboard.
  • Repin : item shared by another user.

These are the indications. Then, as often happens with the English language, we see an expansion of the term to create verbal forms. For example, pinnato or pinnare means to insert an image on the board.

How Pinterest works: the guide

The first step to follow when you decide to use this social network is to sign up. Go to the official Pinterest page and sign up as a user or company. The difference between the two is simple: the business profile has functions that allow you to work in a structured way.

pinterest login
Start your adventure on this social network.

Once you have entered your profile you must, first, complete it with all the indications. Add an avatar photo , description and official link. Then you are ready to start your adventure on this social network.

How to create a pin board

The first step for those starting to do content curation with Pinterest: activate a themed board. You can generate an infinite number and you also have the option to make them private, shared only with some contacts.

How to create a board? Click on Boards and then go to the create command. Here you can start naming and managing its visibility. One last click and you have your board to fill with the various visual products you have chosen.

How to create a pin on your profile

With the board done, you need to generate new pins . That is to say the posts that are inside these macro-containers with a very specific topic.

Come creare un pin o fare repin
The screen for creating a post.

How to publish the first one pin? Go to your profile and create entry. Click on Pin and fill in all the fields you find in the posting screen . At this point you have to insert a series of fundamental entries for the post:

  • Post title.
  • Image.
  • Reference link.
  • Description.
  • Postponed publication.
  • Board to post on.

You must take care of these elements in detail . Remember that the hyperlinks you put on Pinterest are nofollow , so they have no direct value in terms SEO . But you can use this field to insert affiliate links and find a good way to make money with Pinterest.

Interestingly, on Pinterest you can also choose to postpone publication with a simple tick. This way you can program your pins directly from the platform and without tools.

How to re-share a pin (the repin)

One of the essential functions of this platform is repin. Namely the ability to repost on your wall. To proceed, just go to the upper right corner of the screen, choose which board to republish and click on the save button. This is enough for the repin.

Increase followers on Pinterest

One of the key parameters for getting good results on Pinterest is the increase in followers, i.e. followers who refer to your boards to find the right inspiration . What makes the difference in these cases is the possibility of obtaining a loyal audience.

So really interested in what you do. So, what are the essential steps to increase the number of followers on Pinterest while maintaining audience quality as a reference? What are the techniques?

The first piece of advice I want to give is to insert a button on your website that allows you to become part of the public automatically. You can insert the classic icon in the footer, this is true.

But the button that automates the process is more effective. The same can be done with embedded : having your posts on Pinterest on web pages increases the possibility of increasing followers.

A dynamic that is implemented also and above all by participating in the life of the social network. worry about commenting and sharing the work of the people you admire and follow, don’t just post content waiting for others to take the first step towards your profile.

Integrate Pinterest with the-website

One of the points you need to follow with the utmost attention: merge the profile you just created with your website. How does this synergy take place ? Let’s start with the reasons: through this step you can both increase visits to web pages and followers of the profile.

This is why, if you have decided to focus on Pinterest marketing, it is worthwhile for everyone to combine your account with the editorial work you do on the blog or the authority of an institutional website and well maintained .

How to embed pin

Did you know that the first useful integration between website and visual on pinterest is embedded? That’s right, you can embed all non-private content .

To embed a pin just go to the single publication and click on the three-dot button . A drop-down menu opens with different options, among them is the one that gives you the useful code for your HTML.

As you can see this is an iFrame , this is what the content looks like at the moment which you generate it. You can also manage the size here.

Button to get you to follow

Of course, there should be at least one icon on your website that reminds all visitors that you are there and that you can offer interesting visual boards .

In most cases you can place a Pinterest icon in the sidebar menu or blog footer. Alternatively use the official buttons that allow you to embed a code and make a follow button appear.

In fact, from the page pinterest.com/tools/widget-builder you can generate a series of buttons useful for integrating the Pinterest profile with the website. It’s not just about the follow button but also about the boards and the single pin.

Share buttons for pages and photos

A good way to unite these realities and allow the resources of your site web to have more visibility on this great social network.

Thanks to the buttons you can allow people to post the visual of your resources on their boards. Also reporting the link to the page.

Pulsanti share di pagine e foto
Add social buttons on the site.

The best way to achieve this: use a plugin that combines multiple social buttons, as happens for example with ShareThis . To learn more, you can read the post that explains how to insert the Pin It button.

Create business-account on Pinterest

Earlier I mentioned the possibility of activating a company profile for Pinterest. What is the substantive reason? And most importantly, what are the requirements? Nobody. Everyone can create a professional profile in different ways:

  • Activate an independent business profile.
  • Link up to 4 business profiles to a personal one.
  • Turn a personal account into a corporate one.

What are the reasons that should push you to move from corporate or personal? First you have access to statistics that make your work on this social network something really interesting because you have a lot of numbers at your disposal to improve the content.

You can also activate advertising campaigns. Just like with the Facebook Pixel, if you want to take advantage of the promotion on Pinterest you need to add a tag to follow the audience on your site. And create sponsored that can achieve the best possible result.

How to advertise on Pinterest

The promotion of this social network moves along a fairly simple line. First, as suggested, you need to activate the tracking tag to optimize targets around a target very precise and useful for your purposes. Without this step you waste time and resources.

Then locate a pin you want to promote and, once the business account has been activated, choose it by clicking on the appropriate button. Choose the target audience, locate a budget useful for your purposes and publish.

Analyzing data with analytics

One of the essential points for those who work with a professional Pinterest account: being able to access the official statistics . Only in this way, in fact, can you have a series of data that allow you to control the editorial work of both organic and sponsored posts.

How to sell on Pinterest

One of the most interesting solutions made available by the platform is the possibility of transforming your account into a structure to sell online. That’s right, Pinterest can help your e-commerce.

How? First you can simply create boards dedicated to your products, by inserting a link to the product sheet. The advice is to avoid an exclusively self-referential work, you must not transform your account into a replica of the categories of the shop.

Better to have boards dedicated to products and others where you do content curation and suggest something useful to your most loyal followers .

But remember to take care of the title and description in the pins where you add your goods in order to make everything more interesting, especially useful for those looking for and wanting inspiration from what you sell on the internet . To learn more, here is the guide dedicated to Pinterest for e-commerce.

Best Pinterest-profiles to follow

The web is full of Pinterest accounts that can help you find the right inspiration. You can’t follow them all, but you have the choice .

Migliori profili Pinterest da seguire
One of the most interesting Pinterest profiles.

That’s why I thought I’d collect a series of details in this guide that you can take as a reference to understand how to create effective pins, describe your photos , organize message boards and have something to say.

  • Updates must be constant and always on topic.
  • Maybe it’s useful to have new boards to view.
  • Is there a conversation in the account comments?
  • Is the description of the photo complete and meaningful?
  • Are there links that lead to further information?
  • The images must be of quality and ownership.

Here, these are the details that can become a point of reference when you ask yourself the characteristics of an account to follow . This way you can always have original ideas and insights for your work.

How to communicate with Pinterest?

If you need a point of reference to communicate with Pinterest managers you can use the link pinterest.com/it/contact because here are the forms that allow you to contact the support people. Here you can indicate possible malfunctions and platform problems.

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Pinterest: do you do visual storytelling?

Many point out a passage: with Pinterest not all companies can publish and work in order to have real results. This is partly true , but not due to the fact that there are no visual materials to share.

The real deficit is the absence of a visual storytelling strategy to put into practice. Even the classic company that sells bolts can create a Pinterest board and use it to collect useful information for its target. Maybe not to sell but to do brand awareness .

Of course this does not mean that all businesses and freelancers must have an account on this social network.

I just want to leave an invitation: before unwrapping it and turning attention to the classic Facebook ADV I advise you to think deeply about the real possibility of marketing with Pinterest. Do you agree? Do you think this social works in Italy ? I await your idea in the comments.

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