What is Tik Tok and how does it work? Why is it so successful?

What is tik tok app. Tik Tok has become one of the social networks we use the most: many of us use it to dance, sing and post funny videos.

Through this guide we see what Tik Tok is and how it works.

TikTok is the social network that has joined part of the most popular. The app can be downloaded in 34 languages, has 150 million active users daily, and is among the most downloaded in recent years.

Who hasn’t posted at least one video in which he dances like il Gabibbo?
Available on both Android and iOS.

Initially born as an amateur music video platform, TikTok has expanded its range to all types of videos. The platform shows users music clips, allows them to create short videos up to 60 seconds long.

A to which you can add a large number of funny effects in a very simple way.

Tik Tok is the very platform loved by teenagers. Of Chinese descent, it’s a fast-growing community.

Some users may recognize Tik Tok as the platform where teenagers they go wild to the rhythm of dance or do air banding . It has taken the place of what was once known as Musical.ly.

The success of Tik Tok has been disruptive: billions have been downloaded to date. of times, with a growth never seen before for a social network in such a short time. This sudden growth meant that industry experts devoted themselves to studying the Tik Tok phenomenon to understand why it was so successful.

What is Tik Tok and how does it work?

Tik Tok as we have seen was born in China, from the idea of ​​a Chinese company called Bytedance, considered one of the most successful start-ups in the world. At a certain point Musical.ly acquires this app .

Allowing Tik tok to conquer the Western world with funny short videos and tons of downloads.

cos è tiktok1

Not everything is so good: being an application mostly used by teenagers, adults worry about their privacy and security. Are the uploaded videos safe? What happens to the data?

We assume that the information requested is very few: registration via facebook, or with email or telephone number. At the moment nothing more is asked to register .

By its nature, Tik Tok is not very used to scandals or data leaks: to date there are very few such cases. Pr for video content.

The platform has a very strict policy on modesty and censorship of videos deemed offensive. Even in this case, however, very few videos were blocked and they were mostly a criticism of China.

Taylor Mega, a well-known influencer, is an exception. talk about himself to the sound of scandals: at the time he published a video deemed too hard with consequent expulsion from Tik Tok.

Tik Tok user guide: how does it work?

First step: download the app on your smartphone. Tik Tok is free for both iOS and Android. Once installed, the videos of other users immediately appear on your home in the “For You” section.

After that I could watch them simply by swiping the screen up or down (to pause them, just click once on the image) . You can use the search tool (the lens in the center) to search for videos or people in particular to follow.

tiktok app

In order to upload your videos, you must first create a profile: you can sign up using facebook, or email or phone number . Once done, you will find yourself in a social environment very similar to Instagram: to post the first video click on the 3 dots at the top right and follow the instructions

Tik Tok app: how to best use it?

Using Tik Tok it’s really simple . How can we make a video and publish it? Nothing could be easier, read on!

Click on “+” in the center of the screen below, authorize the use of the camera and microphone and … follow the instructions! By adding effects, emoticons and whatever is possible, your video will go viral in no time.

tiktok cos è

Like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Tik Tok is a virtual community where you can follow other users. Simply click on the photo with the “+” that appears in the video to be followed, leave a “like”, share the clips you like best and your “reactions” . But that’s not all.

How does Tik Tok work? Basically this is every teenager’s dream, yesterday and today: all you have to do is choose the music you like and start lip-syncing.

Or dance if that’s what you want to do. Minimum 15 seconds, maximum 60, in which you will feel like your idol.

Probably the success of Tik Tok lies precisely in the fact that the videos are short and funny : not famous people who sing and dance, or improvise comic skits on which everyone can have a laugh. No video that teaches anything, or training or information: just fun

What is Tik Tok and how it works: how to install and how to register

Installation is really immediate: you can download the app from the Android Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once the download is complete, you can start the app and see the most popular content, but if you want to interact, tap register.

To go to registration, simply click on the “ My ” button and then on “ Register . The system is simple and guided, but once you have completed the registration you will be a “ TikToker ” with all the possibilities.

Simply, by logging into the its homepage, you will have access to the fabulous world of this social network. At launch, the interface is very similar to that of other modern networks such as Instagram and Snapchat .

Precisely for this reason, it is difficult to be confused. We will be faced with a screen divided into two parts: in the first call For you” , you can see the most popular videos, in the second you can see the videos made by the people you have decided to follow. To switch from one video to another, simply swipe downwards.

What is Tik Tok app and how does it work?

Obviously, once you have registered you can change the privacy setting and make the account private (just like on other similar social networks) and make the videos visible only to accepted followers .

Unlike many social networks, Tik Tok does not allow you to send photos and videos within private messages between users . You can use Tik Tok even if you are not registered yet.

After downloading the application you will be able to watch the videos shared by users of the social network who have set up a public account .

All the videos they share will then be visible to you too. Not being a subscriber you will not be able to post videos or comment. If you intend to use the application to make videos and have fun publishing them you will need to create an account on Tik Tok !

To understand how Tik Tok works, we have analyzed the strengths of this app. Unlike other social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, this application does not ask you to engage in “concrete” actions . What does this mean?

A very simple thing: we can scroll through the application feed without having to send requests to follow other accounts, leave likes or comments. So it’s much easier to follow other users and, above all, much faster .

The application will show you the most popular videos or people nearby based on your location . And then, thanks to an artificial intelligence software it will try to learn your tastes even just by observing how long you stay on one video rather than another.

Download and start using the most popular and fun Tik Tok app!

To use Tik Tok you need to download the application from the store of your smartphone (the icon is a colored neon in the shape of a musical note on a black background). The app can also be used without being registered, but it will not be possible to interact with profiles, nor publish videos in turn.

Tik Tok works by default with public accounts, i.e. everything published on the platform will be visible to anyone . In fact, the beauty of this application is that everything is visible even to non-subscribers who want to use the application only for entertainment. So it acts just as if it were a social media .

and how it works: Are there private profiles?

You can choose whether to have a public profile visible to all, or one private to which only authorized persons can access, just like on Instagram . If we have a private profile, the contents will be visible in the “For you” section of those we have previously authorized.

If you have a public profile, our contents will be visible in the “ For you ” of other users. Those who aim to increase their followers usually choose an open profile, to have more visibility.

Why is Tik Tok so successful?

What is Tik Tok and what does it represent for its users?

With Tik Tok we can pretend to be our favorite singers or actors and sing or act , as if we were them.

It will feel like karaoke, but we will be at home comfortably lying in our armchair and singing our favorite songs. C you can also improvise comedians, you can give vent to creativity and become a star of TikTok.

TikTok was born for the very young, but even the middle young do not despise it: many famous people have decided to move to this new social network and try to broaden their audience . Chiara Ferragni in the lead, but the queen of Instagram did not get consensus and left the platform.

What is Tik Tok and how it works: Usage guide

After understanding What it is Tik Tok, let’s move on to see how Tik Tok works, and its main features and functionalities.

Tik Tok app is one of the most growing social networks of the last period, dedicated to creators of digital content who can share vertical videos in loop, no longer than 60 seconds, which you can modify as you wish thanks to the various effects and filters that the app makes available to you.

The application has become increasingly popular especially among those who identify themselves in the ‘generation Z’. Who opens a profile on Tik Tok , can upload videos and presentations oni, adding filters, stickers, transitions, gifs, split screens and other graphic effects.

How does Tik Tok work in Italy?

Although the passage from Musical.ly to Tik Tok has decided to create a totally renewed platform, the focus has however remained on the music. Tik Tok, in fact, it thrives on music, as do all the users who make extensive use of it in their published videos.

To gain a grip on the public, it is advisable to focus on songs pointing to the millenials, who are around part of the TikTok population.

When we go to make a video, TikTok itself provides us with pieces of songs that we can use without requiring a license. If you don’t find your song, just go to the search glass and enter the title; if the song is not present you could run into serious problems just because the license you use is not present. Use only the songs on the list: they are many and trendy.

Engage the audience to become a star

Tik Tok is a huge community and it truly is It is important to understand and know how to engage the public. One thing that Tik Tok users love are challenges: challenges between users that allow you to expand sharing simply by inviting others to do a dance or other very nice things.

Remember that also on this social network hashtags are fundamental: use the ones that are most consistent with your videos, also in this case Tik Tok shows you the most viral ones. Always use them so you will re-enter searches with that particular hashtag.

High engagement means success: reactions and comments from the public are the heart of Tik Tok. Strive to get relevant results: try to publish interesting content, which makes sense, avoid criticizing others Tik Tok is a fast and fun platform, not a place to feel better.

Tik tok what is it? How does it work? how to do live

A “live” is nothing more than a stream, in all for all. Similar to those you can do on all other social networks . During a live you can respond to comments and have a more direct contact with the public.

How does Tik Tok work in this case? How do you do a live?

Being able to put in place a live is really easy, but the option is unlocked only for those who have exceeded 1000 followers. When you don’t have this number of followers, the option doesn’t even appear. There is a possibility that in the future this feature will also be extended to those with fewer followers.

Guide to using Tik Tok: How collaborations work on Tik Tok?

Let’s start from the fact that users love live shows, because they are an excellent tool to improve the involvement of their audience and create more confidence between them. Buy Tik Tok followers to have a good starting audience, by virtue of the fact that the live shows are only available to those with at least 1000 followers.

Tik Tok can follow the accounts they prefer and give them support with likes, comments or shares on the videos they like most.
The most famous users, recognizable by an orange check, they can do live streams, in which they broadcast their performances live to the users they watch.

Tik tok what is it? How does it work for kids?

And how does Tik Tok work for kids? What difference does it have with other successful social networks, and why did it go viral?

First: unlike other social networks, it is not yet invaded by advertising or fake news.
Second, because it has one of the most intuitive and simple editing systems that exist.
Third, because it hosts evergreen videos without language barriers.

What is the difference from Instagram?

Unlike Instagram, by its own conception Tik Tok forces you to take off any superstructure and show yourself in a positively embarrassing way. While dancing, while singing despite not being your profession, while making funny faces but making the audience laugh.

What is Tik Tok and how does it work? It is the most downloaded app of early 2020

Tik Tok is a mixed success but predominant. After overcoming, in terms of WhatsApp downloads in August last year.

The oriental social app was once again supplanted by the proprietary instant messaging application of Facebook which, as of December 2019, was in first place in the ranking of downloads worldwide.

Home Internet Social Network and the parental control

Tik Tok provides the “parents” function to limit the use of the app. You can indicate a maximum time for using the app, limit access to content and block private messages.

The test country was the United Kingdom, then moved on to the rest of the world.

Testing this type of application is useful for monitoring market reaction. A positive response will allow the new option to appear in settings around the world. Possible problems, on the contrary, could lead to rethink it in a totally different way.

On Tik Tok the push “time out” is coming! How does a new form of social communication work?

Parents will be able to monitor more use that children make of the social network that is becoming more and more popular among teenagers and take advantage of new implementations to manage their accounts.

They will also be able to monitor their children’s accounts, limiting the content they can access. This new feature will help set a maximum access time daily, as well as placing constraints on private messages that can be received.

Although Tik Tok is an application frequented mainly by young adults. This function requires that the parent who intends to monitor the activity of their child has an account on the social network.

To access the control panel s will have to open the digital wellness settings menu, which is easily found thanks to a nice umbrella-shaped icon in the settings menu of the Tik Tok app or tik tok what it is .

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Cos'è Tik Tok e come funziona? Perché ha molto successo?

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What is Tik Tok and how does it work? Why is it so successful?


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