What is TikTok for business

It is the realm of teenagers, but in a short time Tik Tok has made its way into the crowd, conquering more and more the adult audience and don’t be surprised if now all the influencers spend a while of time, because this is where new business opportunities are at stake, especially since the application has deployed new marketing tools to develop advertising campaigns. But don’t think about the usual advertisements, no ads are made, but TikTok.


That TikTok would soon become the new favorite marketing item was to be expected. In small videos all the power of communication is concentrated through fun . Its success is constantly growing and the opportunities are countless. First of all, that of reaching a whole new audience, which for some time seems to have started to snub platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, because they are too dated or better frequented by people who are too adult. TikTok has charm and that’s why more and more companies are using it to promote their brand. Its operation is simple and the algorithm that guides its operation is not as complicated as that of its larger cousins. In short, becoming viral on TikTok is easier and even more fun.

TikTok in numbers

TikTok boasts around 800 million active users worldwide and was the most downloaded application in 2019 . 41% of users are between 16 and 24 years old, but it is an application that is also popular among the very young under 16, 66% of registered users are still under the age of 30. On average, each user spends about 52 minutes a day on the app. Surely for all those who have among their goals the achievement of a young audience, TikTok for business can be the right choice. But it is very important to remember, before launching into sponsorships and advertising investments, that each social network has its own linguistic register and rules and that, to be heard, they must be respected. TikTok is a young and fun social network, made up of short curtains and light entertainment, but here the rule of spontaneity applies, cool and glossy scenarios leave them to Instagram.

How Tik Tok for business works

TikTok for business is the place to unleash your company’s creativity. Because to do marketing here, creativity and fun are all you need. Forget conventional campaigns, here the difference is made and done with short and ironic videos that must capture attention. Authenticity is a value on TikTok and the content created must respect it. It is the ideal place to reveal the soul of your brand in a spontaneous and friendly way.

To use TikTok for Business you must first have an account or create one. Once you have a profile, you can start posting and sponsoring content. Once the content to be sponsored has been created, you are asked to set the main objective of the sponsorship. There are three options: generating traffic, conversions and app installation. Once the goal is entered, you move on to the target audience, choosing the target audience based on gender, age, interests and other information, you can also decide on which platforms to publish the ad, are apps connected to TikTitok, such as BuzzVideo and NewsRepublic. You just have to define the budget and the duration of the campaign and that’s it.

Among other features, TikTok for business gives you the possibility to choose between different advertising formats and this is probably one of its strengths . The types are different, alongside the normal ones, which allow you to pass the advertising message while scrolling the feed, exactly as happens on Instagram, the one that is most successful is the Hashtag Challenge. It is about creating a sponsored challenge, which involves users and leads them to create content that has specific hashtags within them and that sponsors the brand in this way. Another very interesting and creative format is the Branded Lens, in which filters and templates customized by the brand are made available to users.

Creating content on TikTok is very simple, but to understand how the app works, you need to use it. The language of TikTok is particular and to stay on the platform it is necessary to adapt to it. The Hashtag challenge are among the most interesting contents and allow you to engage users through sponsorships. Nike is a great example of how to harness the potential of TikTok. The American company does not produce its own content, but uses sponsorships to have brand users create content. Do a search for #nike and you will see creativity take shape, all under the auspices of good old Nike.

Monica Curreli

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