What is Zepeto, the coolest app of 2019

A virtual world with a very faithful 3D Avatar, which can be customized and can interact with other users. In which to furnish our space, change your appearance, redo your wardrobe and take many, many selfies. A world that goes beyond its borders and also lands on social networks, breaking down the barriers between virtual and real in the digital world. Here’s what Zepeto does.

The new record app comes from Asia, from South Korea to be precise, and this time it does it with a bang, because in a short time it has become a real obsession for all teenagers from one side to the next other in the world and is one of the most downloaded applications to date.

A game but also a social network, a virtual place to share, meet people and create your own alter ego. But is it really that great? Let’s find out what is special about Zepeto and why she is so loved by teenagers.

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What is Zepeto

The idea of ​​a parallel virtual world, in which to live a second life, is certainly not new. Older adults will surely remember games like Second Life and The Sims , which were popular in the early 2000s (or more recently, IMVU). Don’t think they disappeared, they just evolved and changed. The fascination for virtual life is always alive and perhaps this explains the great success that the Zepeto application has achieved in a short time.

Zepeto is a free downloadable application for Apple and Android, where you can create your own virtual 3D avatar to chat and interact with users from all over the world. The basis of the game is to live in a virtual world, where you can customize your surroundings, your look and your appearance.

The big difference with the video games of the past is that what you do here can be translated on the various social platforms, Facebook, instagram and WhatsApp, where you can continue to interact with other Zepeto users. Even in the virtual world, the social side seems to take over. Thanks to this interaction it is possible to follow other users, chat with them and organize meetings and virtual meetings in the Zepeto room, called Zepeto Town Street .

How Zepeto works

Within Zepeto, a virtual life is created in which to change everything we want, interact, make friends … A world in which almost everything can become possible. It starts with a selfie and from here you start to build your own parallel life. Everything works like in the real world, or almost. You earn coins, with which you can buy items to embellish the background or the appearance of the avatar, change the hairstyle, makeup, outfit and look.

The biggest news, compared to similar games on the market, is probably that of recreating a 3D avatar from a photo that faithfully represents us . Personalization is everything here. At the time of registration, you are provided with a small stack of coins, but soon you realize that to have the nicest clothes and gadgets you need to earn some extra money. The app offers a whole series of games, which aim to advertise to partner companies, to receive more coins.

The application is presented in a very simple way, with on the right the commands to customize the environment and the avatar and, at the bottom, the various buttons that allow you to enter the different menus, including the one with the icon of the joystick, which is used to earn coins. Users to interact with can be found through the search menu, recognizable by the magnifying glass icon. Among the various customization options you can add movements and gestures with which to thank and greet the users who decide to follow us.

Aside from customizing and getting in touch with other users, we can say that Zepeto does little else. Here too, as in all social networks, the interaction is followed by the photos, taken with the other avatars, and the subsequent sharing on Instagram. Scrolling through the hashtag #Zepeto you will find thousands of images.

At first glance, the application is really elementary and you probably get to the heart of the game as you have more interactions. But we are certainly talking about a tool that arouses interest and with great potential , especially if integrated with the most famous social networks. Given the great boom and timely success, the app is expected to grow quickly by implementing more and more features.

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