What world would it be without like on Instagram?

According to what reported by Jane Manchun Wong, a girl from Hong Kong who, out of pure passion, is always looking for new (and not yet revealed) features of Instagram and more, it seems that Instagram is testing the possibility of hiding the number of likes of a post.

Shocking news for many, I guess, especially for all those who have always and only based their authority on the so-called Vanity Metrics (likes, shares, comments and number of fans) and who will now necessarily have to roll up their sleeves.

On my Facebook page and on the Facebook Group dedicated to my Instagram online course I asked those who follow me to express their opinion about the news to be able to talk about it together, but before showing you what was said and sharing my thoughts with you, let’s see the news in detail.

Instagram hides post comments: the news

According to the screenshot that Jane Manchun Wong kindly shared with the world, Instagram is testing this new feature to try to divert users’ attention from the number of likes , in order to focus more on the post content.

Instagram nasconde i like di Instagram

It seems, in fact, that the only ones who can see the number of likes will be those who share the posts (in the stories? via DM? we don’t know).

Several questions arise from here: why is Instagram doing this? If post likes no longer matter (since we have to rely on the quality of the content) what will be the metric to understand if a profile is valid for a possible investment or not? What will happen to the influencers? On a psychological level, what impact will this change have on people?

Let’s take it one step at a time. Let’s start with the comments, which I received on the Facebook page and on the Easygram group.

Insagram nasconde i commenti

As you can see, there is a bit of skepticism, there are those who are happy with the news and those who put forward hypotheses.

In particular, Danila’s comment is interesting, because it brings up a significant problem, which I partly anticipated in the questions I posed in the previous paragraph. Danila writes:

It can be good and bad. Good because we would focus more on the photo and give more spontaneous likes. Bad because dude with 55k fake doesn’t even have to bother to show some sort of likes and comments anymore.

Leaving aside the fact that comments will not be hidden, Danila is right on one point: if most influencers base their popularity on the number of fans and likes per post, when they will no longer be visible it is likely that many abandon the use of bots (which ethically would be only a positive aspect of the matter), so apart from a big drop in revenues from the producers of these software, perhaps we will also see companies change their strategy.

Let me explain.

IF the number of likes really disappeared, to evaluate whether or not to invest in influence marketing campaigns, companies (let me tell you) will finally have to start having different evaluation metrics, such as: number of clicks on the nametags of the stories, the number of clicks on a particular hashtag, the number of messages with requests for information received, etc.

We already understand that the world of “fake influencers” (those who boast a thousand-thousand followers and do not produce anything in terms of ROI) will undergo a violent change of course, precisely because companies will be more informed and will know exactly how to choose an influencer for your marketing activities.

But let’s also see the comments that were left in the Easygram Group , by my students.

Instagram nasconde i like ai post

Monica Liverani , seo specialist and social media manager (as well as my colleague in the Next Level Business project), she is suspicious and certainly can’t be blamed .

Instagram doesn’t do anything for nothing, so there must be something else behind this change of perspective that we don’t yet know.

Personally, I disagree with Monica (but it is a matter of point of view since we still know practically nothing about this change) because I think it will be difficult to hack data such as the click on some tags or the number of people who actually interacted with us via private message. But let’s see what happens.

Micol, aka The Social Touch , makes an excellent deduction: maybe without the likes we will comment more? Again, a great question mark, but one that is worth keeping in mind, because if so, we will surely see an increase in the use of bots to leave comments and no more likes, disproving my previous hypothesis.

Conclusions: what world would Instagram be without the likes of posts?

I think you will have figured out my position on the subject a little bit: I think it’s “good and right”, as they say.

If Instagram will actually hide the number of posts’ likes, making them visible only to those who share those posts, then perhaps there are hopes that people will start giving the right metrics the right weight and the world digital marketing will only benefit.

I won’t go into the psychological consequences that this change will bring on people, because if Instagram is currently the social network that makes people most unhappy, it is not said that removing the likes is the best thing, quite the contrary.

Fake accounts will probably be born, in order to check the trend of likes on posts by our competitors (who certainly won’t want to share our content, but will want to know how they perform), or perhaps different tools such as Ninjalitics will show us this anyway.

I just have to throw the ball at you and invite you to express your opinion on the subject in the comments!

Instagram senza like

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