When to post on Instagram? The best time

Enriching your feed with interesting content is certainly one of the best strategies you can use to grow on social media, especially on Instagram.

The “what” is important, but the “when” is absolutely not to be neglected. That’s why in this article I’ll try to show you when to post on instagram . We will see together what I believe to be the best times to reach your followers and increase engagement of your posts.

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Is there a better time to post on Instagram?

First let’s try to understand together if the belief of the best time to post on Instagram is true or is just another myth to dispel . Before drawing these conclusions, I tried to post at practically any time of the day: from early morning to late evening, obviously passing from Monday to weekend.

The results I have obtained are quite discordant with each other. I found that it all depends on the profile you use to post.

I tried, for example, to use a profile from the “travel and tourism” sector and I noticed that followers were particularly active during the weekend .

If you think about it, in fact, the average user lets himself go with the imagination and starts planning the destinations for his holidays right in the moments when he is unloaded from work and thoughts. This moment, in most cases, coincides with the weekend or in any case with evening hours.

I then tried to post with an account in the “kitchen / recipes” sector. . Here the results were distinctly different. Users were inclined to interact in the morning time slot, especially during the week, less during the weekend. In fact, what is the best time to give life to a recipe if not the one before lunch or dinner?

All this to tell you what? That each instagram profile has a different niche of followers with completely different habits. Therefore, there is no precise time in which to post. It all depends on the habits of your followers, there are no magic formulas or shortcuts!

Of course, there are specific times when users are more likely to connect on Instagram and it is therefore statistically possible that you will get better results by posting in that specific time frame, however the real secret is to know your followers and adjust accordingly.

Thankfully, through your business account on Instagram , we have detailed statistics that will allow us to discover the habits of our followers.

Analyze the behavior of your users

How I told you in the previous paragraph, you just have to analyze the behavior of your followers , in this way you will know when to post your content and reach as many people as possible.

Here , below, the steps you will need to take (with an Instagram business profile) to have access to detailed statistics of interactions by your followers:

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Click on your profile icon (bottom right)
  • Click on the “statistics” icon at the top right
  • Go to the Follower
  • section Click on More

If you have performed the steps correctly, you will find yourself in a screen very similar to this one.

orari accesso instagram

As you can see, from this screen you can filter by days and times and thus learn about the habits of your followers. You just have to study them as well as possible and post accordingly when you know they are most active.

The followers of the account I used in the screenshot, for example, are very active during the afternoon, which is why we publish always after 15.00. This rule, of course, changes from account to account and is never fixed.

Schedule your posts

Now that you know the habits of your followers, you don’t you just have to post in that time frame and hope that everything goes well. However, there could be actual impediments that lead you not to be physically present at just the right moment when you should unleash your best content.

Let’s say your brand is targeting the American public. You should always post content taking into account the time zone. When it is night with us, in America it is day and vice versa. In these cases you should use a tool to schedule your Instagram posts .

Fortunately, there are several and many of these are already integrated into different bots instagram. If you use a bot, therefore, all you have to do is take advantage of this specific feature in order to ensure the best possible interaction.


How you had way of seeing, there is no magic formula to post correctly on social media: it all depends on experience, knowledge of your audience and your skill in analyzing data.

The statistics are made precisely to allow you to improve in the publication of your posts. Analyze the data with care, in an almost maniacal way, in order to establish a strong understanding with your followers.

Even your users, after a while they will begin to know and understand the times when they will find new content on your page and this can become an excellent “event not to be missed” for them.

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