Who are the micro-influencers?

We have been hearing a lot about influencers for quite some time now, an element that seems indispensable in any web marketing strategy. We immediately think of striking cases such as that of Chiara Ferragni or Giulia Valentina (just to name two prominent names) who for a sponsored post on their Instagram profile (the social media par excellence of influencers as well as YouTube) earn astronomical figures by moving rounds of respectable business. However, there is also a large group of influencers with less resonant names and less known but who enjoy equal importance and can be very useful within a web marketing strategy. Let’s talk about micro influencers. Let’s find out who they are and if they can serve your strategy.


Identikit of the micro influencer

The micro influencer is a common person like you and me , not a VIP or a well-known name, who has a relatively small following – often less than 10,000 people – but loyal and very targeted . That is, it is aimed at a specific niche of people strongly interested in the topics he talks about and with whom he has managed to build over time a relationship of closeness and trust earned through real skills show day after day. He is in fact a very attentive person to interactions, to the relationship with the community and to communicate his passions with commitment and without ulterior motives (which transpires and thus makes the followers closer).

Advantages of micro influencers

It might seem at first impression that a “macro” influencer has more impact and more usefulness than a micro and that it is always the preferable choice but in reality even this category hides many advantages, especially if you set a strategy for specific objectives. The main ones are these:

  • Target audience: the constant commitment and passion shown day after day towards a specific niche sector, lead to a very targeted audience, that is, very much in line with the subject matter. A small audience (certainly not the huge numbers of Ferragni & co) but homogeneous, constant and faithful , very attentive to what is published and always very interested. An element that in some cases can count more than a large audience but less in target.
  • The engagement rate (i.e. the engagement rate of one’s fan base) could be very high: having a more direct relationship with a smaller audience, the micro influencer can usually also count on a higher engagement rate and on a greater number of interactions. A small and loyal audience is in fact very often even more involved. An Instagram user with about 1000 followers has an average engagement rate of 8%; against 1.6% of an account with over 1 million followers. It is therefore not the large numbers that are important but the type of relationship with the public and its type.
  • Lower cost: obviously a micro influencer will ask for a lower price for his posts than a famous macro influencer. If you don’t have big budgets because you are just starting out or the brand is small, it is by no means a secondary element to consider. Furthermore, a lower cost does not imply lower quality or effectiveness at all but simply follows the rules of the market.

What do you say, will you consider micro influencers for your web marketing campaign?

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