Why do branded entertainment on Instagram

fare branded entertainment su Instagram

Instagram, a social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg, is certainly the ideal platform for branded entertainment.

In fact, with this application you can create and share a series of professional contents – stories, Reels and videos – of various kinds.

It is precisely for these reasons that many companies, but also influencers, have chosen this social network to “dialogue” with their reference community and to retain it in the medium and long term.

What is branded entertainment?

Branded entertainment is nothing more than one of the many Content marketing strategies (discover the 5S of Content marketing) put in place by those who want to promote themselves through qualitative communication.

So it is a well-defined marketing initiative that allows companies to focus on corporate values ​​and interact with potential buyers at the same time.

How to make branded entertainment?

To make branded entertainment it is necessary to identify the company issues, the types of content to be “disclosed” over time and the media where to share them.

As far as the choice of corporate issues is concerned, the communication managers will have to focus on the company’s core business, as well as on the corporate mission and vision.

Only in this way will it be possible to understand which issues will be included in your Content marketing strategy.

Once the company topics have been identified, it will be advisable to choose the type of content that best suits the characteristics of your community, as well as the needs of the company itself.

For example, for a young community you can opt for short video content – in TikTok style – while for a more “mature” community you can evaluate different entertainment solutions.

The last decisive step in implementing a branded entertainment strategy is to choose the media – digital or traditional – to promote your content.

Also in this case it will be appropriate to carry out an analysis of potential buyers to understand which platforms to focus on.

Why branded entertainment on Instagram

With the development of the latest generation technology and with the consequent rise of social networks, even small businesses have begun to do branded entertainment on digital media.

Most of these entrepreneurial activities have leveraged social interaction platforms, especially Instagram, to implement this complex marketing strategy.

As already highlighted above, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is currently the best solution for creating corporate content for entertainment purposes.

In fact, with Instagram you can create different types of video content, or you can do storytelling – both Corporate and Product – also by sharing the always appreciated photographs.

Obviously everything will have to be shared on a company account in order to analyze the insights and leverage, at the same time, on the potential of social advertising.


Branded entertainment on Instagram is also possible thanks to the characteristics of the same platform.

With the stories, the Reels and the videos on Igtv, it will be possible to develop a unique and original communication that will allow the company to relate to its followers and entertain them at any time of the day.

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