Why is Google Plus closing?

With an official press release, released on 8 October 2018, Google announced the imminent closure of the most unfortunate of social networks, we are talking about Google Plus . I know, you too are wondering if it ever really worked and if there was someone who used it as a social network. But, despite its low popularity, Google Plus boasts a respectable number of users, even higher than much more famous social networks like Twitter. The problem is that the number of users who actually use the service is dramatically lower. According to the company itself, the level of engagement is so low that 90 percent of sessions last an average of 5 seconds . Let’s take a closer look at the short life of this unfortunate social network.

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The birth of Google Plus, chronicle of a fiasco

Google Plus was born 7 years ago , June 2011 to be precise, with the aim of riding the long wave of the success of the first social networks. In reality, it wasn’t the first time that Google had tried to launch a social network of its own. Since 2004 he has been trying to pursue Facebook’s success with platforms which, however, never achieved success. One that perhaps some will remember was Buzz , who collapsed in 2010 due to privacy concerns.

But the challenge of designing and creating a community that could compete with Facebook was too tempting. Thus was born the idea of ​​Google Plus. The competition was played on the number of users reached and it seemed that the Mountain View company should have an easy life also because its strategy was immediately to convert all users of its products into users. Google Plus. In short, anyone in possession of a YouTube or Gmail account, for example, automatically became a Google Plus user. In a short time the much-wanted social network reached very high numbers up to reaching 400 million active users . But, as mentioned above, the engagement generated within it has always remained very low. Google Plus has never become a real social network but simply a container of Google user data.

Google Plus, a story of failure

The basic idea was to create a social network in which everything could be shared in a single flow of information . A single container in which videos, photos, emails were shared … And if we think about it, even if many are not aware of it, accessing a gmail account automatically enters Google Plus. The problem was perhaps precisely in this unawareness, it ended on Google Plus without even knowing it!

And, although Google Plus has come to design a level of efficiency and sharing experience higher than that of Facebook, it has never managed to break into the hearts of users. Another problem is its highly intrusive nature . Have you ever found a hotel booking via email in your smartphone calendar? Here this is or was the work of Google Plus. Of course the idea is to simplify the life of users but in practice all these actions carried out without the user’s knowledge can generate some legitimate perplexity.

Why did Google suddenly decide to close Google Plus?

Despite the failure, Google had never abandoned its social network, until now, probably always cherishing the idea of ​​being able to achieve the much desired engagement and equal or even surpass its Facebook antagonist. Then out of the blue, change. Google announces the closure of Google Plus intended for consumers , while the service dedicated to companies will remain active to facilitate communication and interaction between employees.

By the admission of the same company, Google Plus would close to its private users because it failed to achieve those goals for which it was created. It was Google itself that admitted failure from the point of view of engagement and low use.

But the problem is actually something else. Among the reasons for the future closure is the presence of a bug in the system that would have caused the violation of 500,000 accounts . The fact dates back to March 2018 but has not been made public until now because the company believes that no data has been stolen. This flaw in the system was the classic straw that breaks the camel’s back. The Mountain View offices have therefore felt that, to maintain such a complex system, the game is not worth the candle. However, Google has assured its users that they will soon receive more detailed news and that the closure will not be immediate and has foreseen a slow posting which will end in August 2019 .

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