Why use Flipboard: interview with Claudia Vannucci

If I’ve really begun to like Flipboard, I owe it to Claudia, a friend and fellow blogger. Claudia and I met years ago, she is one of the travel bloggers that I appreciate most, because in addition to being a traveler with a particular taste and a well-trained tour guide, she is also passionate about everything related to blogging and the world of web.

Given her passion for this platform, I thought I’d chat with her about why use Flipboard , here’s her interview.

How did you hear about Flipboard?

Like many, I had it installed by default on my phone along with Android, but at first I didn’t consider it at all. Until one day a couple of years ago, when I had a spike in blog visits from Flipboard , and I decided to figure out how it happened.

What led you to learn more?

The random spike in visits made me want to understand the mechanics of Flipboard, and I finally opened the app on my phone. It was love at first sight: Flipboard is not only a great tool for promoting my blog and for disseminating my content, it also proved to be very useful for keeping me informed and updated on my topics. interest , to collect and organize articles and other content on these topics, and to share content on most social networks with one click.


Why do you think a company should include Flipboard within its web strategy?

First of all, this only makes sense if the company in question has a corporate blog: Flipboard conveys web content that must be interesting and provide value to the user, if you do not have your own content it is practically useless to think of a strategy with this platform.

Strategies naturally depend on the company’s goals, In my opinion, Flipboard is perfect for:
increasing traffic to the company website / blog

  • keep up to date on topics related to your market sector
  • analyze your competitors
  • create press reviews and online catalogs, easily linkable and with a pleasing graphic aspect

You are a travel blogger, how do you use the Flipboard platform in relation to your field?

I’ve created numerous travel magazines on Flipboard, and many mirror my blog niches (eg architecture travel and cemetery safari ). Inside, together with my posts, I often share valid and interesting content from other sources (other travel blogs, Facebook pages, in-depth pages, etc.). I think it is very important to keep the magazines updated often, with varied and always quality content. Flipping my posts, of course, brings me traffic, which is not only due to the many people who follow my magazines (at the moment I have about 3100 followers in all), but also to the fact that the posts have a good chance of being re-shared either. on Flipboard and on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you also want to read my opinion on why you should incorporate Flipboard into your web marketing strategy , then I recommend that you read this article .

Why would you recommend Flipboard and to whom?

Of course I would immediately recommend it to bloggers ! And not just travel, I think Flipboard is perfect especially for fashion and food bloggers. Apart from the increase in traffic we have already talked about, it is a continuous source of inspiration and ideas for new posts and new projects. And then it lends itself very well to creating catalogs, recipe books, storify-like magazines to tell an event , media kits, press reviews and media reports.

You can read more about Claudia directly on her travel blog: Acid Green Travel .

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