Why you should include Flipboard in your Web Marketing Strategy

Surely you have heard of Flipboard, indeed, if you have a Samsung smartphone it is likely that it is among your applications, so it is not a completely unknown tool. At first it is not possible to immediately understand the intent of this platform, but then, things get easier.

What is Flipboard?

A news collector? A Social Network? None of the answers are correct when given by themselves, Flipboard, in fact, is a social aggregator . Pay attention to it, look carefully at what and what kind of contents fill the magazines of this platform, you will find videos, articles, tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos. Flipboard, therefore, is a complex platform, but very intuitive , which prepares for interaction and sharing of news and content that interest us and that may be of interest to others.

How Flipboard works

Flipboard is an app, now also manageable from the computer, which has the function of collecting all the news that users have collected in their magazines and distributing them to other users with similar interests. As soon as you create your profile on Flipboard, we are asked to report a certain number of interests , which are presented to us in the form of macro categories, such as: Technology, Travel, Cuisine, Style etc


Flipboard will use our preferences and then suggest profiles to follow, to start creating our personalized NewsFeed. Once here, we can start creating an infinite number of Magazines, with no limits of themes and number of articles “flipped” within it.

So far everything is linear, but now the fun comes.

By flipping the content I produce (in any form, image, video, test, etc.) within my magazines, the audience I will reach will undoubtedly be expanded.

Why you should include Flipboard in your Web Marketing Strategy

Let’s get to the point, why you should include Flipboard in your web marketing strategy, I’ll explain it in 4 points:

Because it increases traffic to your website

Sharing articles within your own magazines and magazines shared with other users significantly increases the potential audience that can be reached. As Flipboard is a platform that is based on sharing content , even if it is not a social network, the growth of the authority of your profile and your magazines increases, depending on your constancy in flipping contents, coming from externally and / or already existing in your NewsFeed. The greater your engagement, the greater the chance of increasing your popularity and consequently the traffic to your website.


Flipboard makes sense if you value sharing, if you intend to flipping only your own content, without interacting with other available content, then I do not recommend including Flipboard in your Web Marketing Strategy, it would be just a waste of time.

Because you can share all kinds of posts

It could be compared to Feedly, for its function of aggregating information divided into categories, very true, but the two do not look alike at all.

Feedly is a simple news aggregator, no interaction, no one knows who read what and if they liked it enough to share it, on Flipboard yes. The interaction that exists between users, on the Flipboard platform, even if in a very limited way, is something that Feedly does not have and that in that context, it is not even needed. Feedly is a notebook, Flipboard a ring binder.

On Flipboard you can share everything, images, videos, texts, tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, every social newtork here has its own space, also traceable via hashtag. Yep, Flipboard is pretty cool, it also recognizes hashtags.

Because you can become a reference point for your audience

If you could create a magazine of extreme interest, about your business, such as a restaurant that collects in a magazine all the tips for cooking at its best, or recipes with a particular ingredient, you could be taken as a point of reference for that particular theme, creating a audience different from that of the other social networks , but much more targeted and selected and therefore (probably) led to a possible future purchase of the product (or in the case of the example , to try the restaurant).

Because it can help you with benchmarking

By staying up to date on the issues that affect your business, thanks to the personalized NewsFeed, you can more easily keep an eye on what is happening around you, what is new in your sector and the movements of your competitors which, not necessarily, must be register on Flipboard, because news can be flipped by anyone and from any source.


View my Flipboard Magazine.
View my Flipboard Magazine.

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