You can do advertising on Instagram without having a Facebook page (in the USA)

A wind of change is blowing in the Instagram house, but not for everyone. Finally, it is possible to use the Instagram advertising function directly from the application, without having a Facebook account. The news comes straight from overseas, from the United States to be precise, and for the moment it will only affect US and Turkish business accounts. The statement comes directly from the official Instagram page , which reads: “ You can now create Instagram ads without having a presence on Facebook. If you are promoting a post from your Instagram business account for the first time, you won’t have to connect to a Facebook ad account or Facebook Page. “, and leaves everyone a little confused.

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In other words, all those with an Instagram business account residing in the US or Turkey, who decide to promote posts on Instagram for the first time, will be able to do so without going through their Facebook account. Until now, to create advertising campaigns on Instagram it was necessary to have a Facebook page and link the two accounts. In this way, all data and backend functions were administered only by a social network.

Oh yes, Instagram and Facebook seemed to be destined to live in symbiosis forever, and now, even if only for some users, the two business accounts will travel separately and can both be managed by their respective platforms . But beware, this rule is only valid for those who will launch an advertising campaign for the first time. For everyone else, for those who have already linked the two accounts, nothing will change, at least for the moment .

The news can only create a stir, considering that one of the long-term goals declared by Mark Zuckerberg has always been to tie all his social networks closely, so as to structure them in a hierarchical manner. Facebook was always the parent to whom the other social networks were linked and without whom the business part of Instagram could not exist. Until now. The basic idea of ​​controlling the advertising section through a single platform seems to be outdated or at least we are working to change things.

The reasons for such a change are still not very clear. Certainly the hypotheses are not lacking. First of all, the idea that they are thinking of separating the two social networks from each other and this is the first testing ground. The main reason for this distancing could be the exponential growth of Instagram, especially in terms of engagement, and the fact that its growth is also taking place in terms of demographic age. While before it was a bit the reign of the under 35s, the age range of users is gradually expanding . This growth and change may require platform release and differentiation and independent management of advertising operations.

Another reason, which could have pushed Mark Zuckerberg towards the separation of the two social networks, could be to try to distance Instagram from the criticisms that are investing Facebook in this period . In the United States, in fact, a real boycott campaign is underway by some companies, which have decided to suspend their investments in advertising to protest against the inability of the social network to take a position against hate speech. its pages are full of. To the cry of Stop Hate for Profit the company is asked to act more incisively to eliminate the excessive racist content that appears and is present on Facebook every day.

Despite these speculations, the company denied that things could be connected in any way, stating that this change had actually been in the works for months . What is certain is that timing seems to play in favor of the Californian company in this case. Although an extension of this new feature to the rest of users is not planned for the moment, further changes in the future are not ruled out. We just have to wait.

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