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Which is the Italian YouTube channel that can boast the highest number of subscribers in the world? Do you want to know the top ten of the most followed YouTube channels?

Youtube if you didn’t know is a social platform that allows you to create an account in case you want to post videos and create your own channel. They can also be followed, in order to filter the videos that are viewed and easily follow the content that users like.

Whoever subscribes to a channel receives a notifies you when something new is posted on it , and always stays up to date with new content as we add.

Musicians, youtubers, artists of various genres, millions are the YouTube channels with the most Italian subscribers, each dedicated to something particular and which is aimed at a certain specific audience .


Which is the Youtube channel with the most Subscribers? The top 10

N ° 10. elrubiusOMG (37.7 million subscribers)

In tenth place we find the Spanish Rubén Doblas Gundersen, alias El Rubius or ElrubiusOMG. Meanwhile, the young vlogger, well known for her content on video game gameplay. But not only that.

There are also comedy videos, Q&A, and lots of challenges on his channel with over 37 million subscribers. In 2016 Rubèn was awarded as Youtuber of the Year and its channel in Spain is the most subscribed; the second channel in Spanish and obviously the seventh on Youtube.

N ° 9. TaylorSwiftVEVO (38 million subscribers)

And here is the only Youtuber of the fair sex in the rankings.

The beautiful singer Taylor Swift, who in addition to her 38 million subscribers on her TaylorSwiftVEVO channel, has achieved great musical successes.

Loved by teenagers, on her channel are obviously present the official videos of his songs and some live shows.

The video of Shake it off has obtained more than two and a half billion views! A real musical bomb!

N ° 8. whinderssonnunes (39.4 million subscribers)

In eighth place the very young Whimssoon Nunes Batista , at 23 he found success thanks to musical parodies and film reviews.

He hit the web with his parody of Hello by Adele , with more than 63 million views. On his whinderssonnunes channel he uploaded more than 300 videos and is followed by more than 39 million subscribers, the first channel for subscribers in Brazil, tenth in all youtube!

N ° 7. HolaSoyGerman (40.8 million subscribers)

In seventh place in our ranking for the Youtube channel with the most subscribers in the world we find German Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, writer, comedian and host of the Youtube channel HolaSoyGerman.

The peculiarity of this channel is that although Aranis has not published on his channel for a year. He did not lose positions in the rankings by staying in 4th place for a long time before losing positions.

The Chilean also has a second channel where he posts more often, JuegaGerman, which you think is in 16th position with 24 million subscribers.

If we add them to the 40 of the main channel, we will get more than 70 million followers. Mythical!

N ° 6. Ed Sheeran (44 million subscribers)

In sixth place the legendary English singer Ed Sheeran, who thanks to his music has dream of millions of lovers.

The musician uses his Youtube channel not only for the publication of his songs, but also for the story behind the scenes. Thanks to official videos, remixes and backstage videos the channel is followed by more than 44 million people.

The video of the song Shape of you has been viewed further 3 billion times, placing it as the third most viewed on Youtube. Amazing!

Youtube channel with the most subscribers in the world? Top 5!

N ° 5. Dude Perfect (51 million subscribers)

In fifth place we find Dude Perfect, a comic quintet formed by Cory Cotton, Twins Coby, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert and Tyler Toney.

While the five created the channel back in 2009, posting comedy sports videos related to basketball.

By which also hold some Guinness World Records. 4 billions of total views.

Really not bad for five former high school adventure mates.

N ° 4. JustinBieberVEVO (54 million subscribers)

In fourth place in the ranking of the Youtube channel with the most subscribers we find another very famous singer loved by teenagers all over the world: Justin Bieber .

His Youtube channel JustinBieberVEVO has been subscribed by more than 54 million followers, who find his music videos, interviews, backstage and live shows there. 4 videos have been viewed more than a billion times!

Later he also contributed to a remix version of the song Despacito, which was not officially released on his channel; to the detriment of the original, which received over 5 billion views, this version got 612 million. Mind-boggling numbers!

N ° 3. Canal KondZilla (57.5 million subscribers)

And here we are at the podium of this ranking of Youtube channels with more subscribers. In third position is one of the best known producers, directors and screenwriters in the world: Konrad Cunha Dantas. Dantas has been director of more than 300 music videos, has collaborated with artists such as : Preta Gil, Koral Conká, Dj Marlboro and MC Guime.

Considered the largest producer of electro music in all of Brazil, his channel KondZilla has more than 57 million subscribers and 14 billion total views . In 2015 the video Tombei by Koral Concá was nominated best video at the Multishow Awards.

N ° 2. PewDiePie (104 million subscribers)

Silver medal for this Youtube channel ranking with more subscribers, here PewDiePie. Consequently it was created by the Swedish comedian Felix Arvid Ulf Jjellberg. The channel has 104 million subscribers, far ahead of third-placed KondZilla.

But the contents have been described as hateful, stupid, and full of vulgarity, but they are particularly known for videos and the “Let’s play” blog.

Where comedians often try indie video games, such as Goat Simulator and McPixel.

Xanale youtube with the most subscribers in the world: T-Series (138 million subscribers)

canale youtube con più iscritti al mondo 2

Drum roll, let the trumpets blare! The most subscribed Youtube channel in the world is Indian music label T-Series, with over 138 million subscribers on its Youtube channel and 1.7 billion monthly views.

However, the T-Series is known for composing the soundtracks of Bollywood hits. Just think of the Aashiqui movie soundtrack. in the 90s it sold more than 20 million copies in India, making it Bollywood’s best-selling album.

How to enter the top ten

These are the 10 YouTube channels that have been the most successful so far, but if you are now thinking that you too would like to be a part of it then we should probably give you some tips on how to manage your profile to be successful.

Let’s see what are the tricks to enter among the YouTube channels with more subscribers.

Create quality video regulation

qual è il canale youtube con più iscritti 4

To have many subscribers to your channel the first thing you need to do is take care of the quality of the videos you are publishing. Your videos not only need to be of quality but they also need to be published on a regular basis.

To be successful, you need to that those who follow your channel expect your publication just as they would their favorite fiction. Sporadic postings will not lead you in any direction and you will never have the success you were hoping for.

The goal is to publish at least 1 video a week and try to increase the frequency over time to ensure that interest grows.

In this way your users will be prompted to visit your channel periodically and in this way they will increase the views.

As far as quality is concerned, you should have the right equipment then:

  • professional video camera or a smartphone that have a good camera;
  • a good microphone ;
  • professional software for editing videos.

Locate your audience

Don’t make the mistake of wanting to please everyone, it’s a practically impossible goal. You need to understand what kind of audience you can target and who may be interested in your content.

Understanding the right type of audience for you also allows you to choose how to publish your content, you can be sure of the issues to be addressed, the way in which to expose them, the language to be calibrated according to the age of your audience.

Only in this way will you be able to process videos that are able to reach your audience and be able to retain them in a rather short time.

Use YouTube tools

Previously we have indicated some of the supports that can allow you to achieve a good goal when it comes to increasing the audience of your YouTube channel.

But the tools you can use are not only those external to the entertainment site, but YouTube itself offers some really good ones. Among them we would like to point out:

  • Analytics : the section that allows you to look at the statistics of the channel exactly as it happens with Statistical Data from Instagram, me sso available for company profiles. Knowing which videos have the most views turns out to be very important to continue building your publications;
  • Live : live broadcasts are an opportunity that YouTube makes available to create empathy with your audience. You can take advantage of the live moments to ask viewers directly what topics they are most interested in and don’t miss the chance to accept some advice;
  • Surveys : these are tabs that allow those who have just finished watching your video to express their opinion on what they have just seen. To add a survey to your face you need to go to the Video Management> Edit> Tabs> Add tab> Create> Survey> Title> options section> decide when to make the tab appear using the timeline> Create tab ;
  • YouTube Creator Studio App: allows you to manage your channel even on the move and therefore always have the situation under control.

Don’t forget to get inspired by the greats

canali youtube con più iscritti 3

Not many lines ago we showed you the 10 best YouTube channels, if you really want to be successful you should really take inspiration from the greats. There is nothing wrong with wanting to study their way of presenting themselves, addressing the audience, setting the camera and the lights.

Looking at others who are already experts in the field also means being able to overcome moments of creative block

Of course you can take inspiration but don’t copy, don’t forget that you still have to look original and not be someone’s bad copy.

Promote your channel

Self-celebration or simple advertising? In addition to your YouTube channel do not forget to create your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages, do not underestimate the possibility that you have to promote your own videos and advertise your channel.

Remember that often the users of one of the social networks are also the same for all the others, so do not underestimate the possibility that you have to be able to reach a greater number of people.

Smart tips

In short, succeed to grow your YouTube channel is a real commitment and you cannot avoid completing it if you want to one day be able to enter the top ten of the most followed channels. There are still some little tips we would like to give you about it.

First of all, don’t forget to pay attention to your channel graphics , which not only has to be nice to look at, but also light, so that the devices do not struggle to load your page, otherwise you could push users to leave your channel very quickly.

Create playlists to make sure that your content is sorted and those who visit your channel can find everything they are looking for very quickly. Use SEO rules to index your videos in such a way that when users proceed with a search generic will find your channel among the first results and will be enticed to log in.

Don’t forget in the videos to invite your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Who is watching the video is subscribed to the channel, why not advise him to do it?

Finally never forget to reply to comments, interacting with your audience is very important, this will make everyone feel more involved and part of a real group.

Did you like the YouTube channel ranking with the most subscribers in the world? Let us know what you think! Do you want to know more on Youtube? Follow the dedicated section of our blog.


Canale Youtube con più iscritti? Ecco la top 10!

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Youtube channel with the most subscribers? Here is the top 10!


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