Youtube Hilarious videos, how to find them on the net?

Youtube funny free videos for kids 2018 – 2019 to relax your mind and relax after a long day at work there are billions of them on the video streaming platform promoted by Google.

Nothing is better than a good laugh to recover your energy and not go crazy in the monotonous routine life tests us every day.

In fact, as Robert Frost said: “If we couldn’t laugh, we’d all go crazy”.

Up Free fun Youtube videos for children of 2018 – 2019 it is very easy to find them, but sometimes due to lack of time we cannot find new ones that can really attract our curiosity.

So here are some little tips to find Youtu be hilarious videos with a few steps on the platform, and enjoy the best of the best without wasting too much time between searches and filters.

Hello? Let’s get started!

Let’s start laughing!

Youtube Fun videos, how to find them?

Let’s start by looking for our funny Youtube videos using the Filters function that makes the platform available to us, or by searching among the trends and the rankings of the hottest videos right now.

These two search methods are among the main ones for doing any type of search on the YouTube platform and therefore not only for hilarious videos.

youtube video divertentissimi bambini

Section Filters to find fun Youtube videos

What are YouTube filters? They are a search method that makes it easy to search for what you want on YouTube, the various filters on this platform are used to help users find the videos they want very quickly and easily.

Let’s start by searching for videos manually using the Filters function ; in this way we can easily sort the videos based on various factors chosen by us, such as the upload date, the length of the video , the language of the video etc.

So you can already partially discard a whole series of videos that don’t really interest you and you will make the search a lot easier, focusing only on the hilarious Youtube videos you really want to see.

The great power of the filters on YouTube is not only to search for what you want (video of our interest) but it is also to discard what does not interest us!

Let’s go to Youtube using the web service or through its official app, available for both Android and iOS and immediately open the filters section to find the hilarious videos to watch.

To spend some time in joy!

youtube video divertentissimi 2019

From PC the classifications of these social videos not to be missed

In the search bar, enter the reference keyword (i.e. funny videos, or other similar words) , then click on the Filter button at the top left, choosing parameters that you interest (upload date, duration, genre, language and so on).

P oi you can also proceed to sort them based on Relevance , upload date , the number of views or even the vote . Yep, YouTube’s filters feature is super functional, it’s impossible not to find what you’re looking for on this platform.

From tablet or Smartphone the rankings of these social videos not to be missed

Similar procedure if you are using Youtube from mobile devices; also here we search for a keyword by clicking on the magnifying glass fixed at the top right, select the Filter button (icon with three bars).

We select the characteristics that the video we are looking for must have, ordering it by upload date, duration or viewing order.

youtube video divertentissimi 2018

Practical and easy! And you can immediately start watching hilarious videos and spend some fun time!

Whether you are looking for your hilarious Youtube videos from PC or mobile, once you have done a search with filters and found the right video, you just have to select it and press play. And that’s it! And you can start laughing.

Look for these videos not to be missed in the social top charts

It seems like a trivial solution but look at the rankings made by Youtube can be a great way to search for the perfect video for you. For example, take a look at the Humor section or the # piùvistisuYoutubeItalia ranking , where you will find the best contents published by Italian Youtubers.

The channel Humor is a list of the best funny Youtube channels, with contents not only Italian but also foreign; trust us.

In the # piùvistisuYoutubeItalia ranking you will find a complete collection some hilarious Youtube videos that are becoming popular in the Italian Youtube community. Of course not all of them are about humorous or comic videos but you will find so many.

Many videos not only in Italian but also in English or Spanish; you can also see them subtitled but obviously the comic jokes must be heard in the original language!

Can you imagine Alberto Sordi’s lines translated into Russian? Oh well you understood: all humor is lost.

From the candid camera of TheShow or the jokes of DM Pranks , up to the hilarious videos of Daniele Doesn’t Matter, Willwoosh, Yotobi and many others.

You may also find Italian satire or stand up comedy videos such as those of The Jackal, Nirkiop, Le Coliche, Extremi Remedi and iPantellas, i Sansoni and many others.

And those who wish can also look for hilarious videos in dialect, for example YouTube is full of videos that make you laugh in Palermo, Bari or Neapolitan dialect.

Obviously, here too, like foreign languages, you need to know that dialect to be able to laugh really seriously.

Youtube funny videos for young and old

What is beautiful is not beautiful, but what pleases is beautiful. If you are looking for fun videos to have some fun and to lighten your day, Youtube is the perfect place.

You can find many types of videos based on your tastes and preferences. Actually there are a lot of videos, videos of complete strangers or videos of well-known comedians. But also a piece of funny films, you have to admit it on YouTube you can find really everything and even more of everything. YouTube is the first social network created for videos and every day millions of users interact with the platform to find the video suitable for their needs . They are there for all ages.

For example, YouTube kids is the Youtube platform dedicated to children with age-appropriate videos; educational videos, cartoon character videos but also very funny videos. There is everything for children, the kids category is perfect for the little ones where everything is suitable for their age.

Youtube fun videos for children

Youtube kids is the Youtube platform dedicated to the world of children. If you don’t know how it works it’s very simple. Go up Playstore and download the app and proceed with the installation on your smartphone immediately .

YouTube Kids was created especially for boys and girls and is perfect for finding videos for children because not all the videos you find on the classic Youtube are shown but you will see cartoons, mini series, famous cartoon series and not.

Typing hilarious videos you will see a series of recommended videos that they do at your case, that is perfect for the little ones.

Youtube kids is safe because you can rest assured while the child watches the videos because he will not be subject to any content or video that may not be suitable for him. And also Youtube kids based on the video he is watching will suggest a related video, obviously always related to the world of children.

Fun Youtube videos how to find them immediately and save them

The procedure is very simple. The important thing is to search for the right word on the Youtube search engine.

For example, if you write the exact word funny videos you will see a series of recommended videos; you can watch one, create a dedicated playlist calling it funny videos and save them in that folder created specifically to save this type of video.

Save them all so that when you open Youtube in your free time you can see them directly by opening your dedicated playlist, without doing any research on the platform.

If you don’t want to download Youtube kids you can proceed in the same way by creating a dedicated playlist and calling it fun videos for children. The procedure is identical to the one just explained .

In this way you will facilitate the work and you will not waste time searching for this type of video, just go to the folder you created to be able to see the videos immediately.

Ultimately the hilarious videos of these years

Youtubers in Italy who make funny videos we have as many as you want, you just need to know how to search and we have seen that searching on YouTube is very simple and fast.

Those mentioned above are just some of all the ones we could recommend to spend a few minutes in joy.

Come and search for hilarious YouTube videos on Google

Looking for hilarious videos on Youtube can be a great way to have fun during the day or to use free time.

After all, who among us does not need to be distracted a little from all the problems that exist in everyday life ?

Obviously , as in all things, we must not get carried away too much and risk losing sight of the important things to do in life.

Having said this premise (that for sure you will have done it before reading this article), I want to explain how your search for fun videos on Youtube using a powerful search engine like google.

You can use some shortcuts such as the “title:” operator.
What is it?

A simple command to use before doing a Google search (and this applies not only to YouTube videos).
If you are looking for something by typing “titolo:” before your search, you will have as an answer all the google pages with that keyword in the title inside.

So if you type on Google “titolo: hilarious videos youtube “all videos with this title will be released.

Alternatively you can simply type” funny youtube videos “directly from Google (therefore not from Youtube) and scroll down the results.

Come to search for fun YouTube videos on other sites

Now that you know how to search for fun youtube videos both from the site (or app) of the Google home platform and directly from the search engine, there is another thing you can do.

To date there are hundreds of sites, Italian and foreign, that every month (or at least once a week), write tan very good articles such as “best funny videos on youtube of October 2020”.

Here, if you try to search like this on Google by inserting “funny youtube videos” + “month and year “.

You could find lots of articles with real own rankings or collections , with videos always updated month after month.

In this way, perhaps, you will avoid always finding yourself in front of the same videos that you have already seen and reviewed and you will be able to discover new youtubers or in any case new funny videos.

Subscribe to dedicated video channels on Youtube

The last option to suggest to you to find and watch funny videos on Youtube is to subscribe directly to the channels dedicated to this kind of collection (there are so many).

Activate the bell to stay up to date on the latest releases.

Both clear, we are not saying to subscribe to youtuber channels, but to those channels that offer nice collections of funny videos every month.

How can you search for these videos on social media?

Simple, search for “ hilarious videos on youtube ”, click on the channel name, check that you post videos quite frequently. Click on Subscribe to the Channel and activate the relevant bell to stay up to date on new releases.

You can perform a further search on both Youtube and Google to find ” the best fun youtube channels. ”

On Youtube you will find plenty of summary videos and rankings from which you can find inspiration to follow the best channels in the industry.

On Google, as well as for funny videos, you will find many articles with suggestions on the best channels that perform this kind of rankings.

Write us in the comment what are your favorite channels for funny videos on Youtube or leave us the link of your favorite video directly!

Don’t you just start doing some research and find your own Youtube funny videos for free 2018 – 2019!

For o ggi it’s all youtube funny videos 2018 – 2019 for free, see you next time!

Want to know more on Youtube? Follow the dedicated section of our blog, or visit our social networks.


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