Youtube Relaxing Music, 4 channels for meditation

Search on Youtube relaxing piano music to listen to and use to concentrate during meditation or to sleep and for free ? Maybe some background music to have during yoga, or a reiki session?

Here are some tips on the Youtube channel for listening to relaxing music. We know well that meditating requires concentration, and we also know how difficult it can be nowadays.

In the hectic life we ​​live, being able to carve out moments of absolute calm to dedicate to the well-being of our psyche. To help us improve concentration, perfumed fragrances and Zen music are often used. Smell and hearing come together to tune ours while on the right waves and prepare our soul for the meditation session.

It is precisely the music that helps us to abstract ourselves more easily and isolate ourselves from the world around us, obtaining our personal space.

musica rilassante youtube

Youtube Relaxing Music: what is Zen music?

Zen music originated in Japan centuries ago and is part of a real culture . But of a cultural identity with demanding technical requirements both on the part of the instrumentalists and of the instruments themselves played.

For example, it is sufficient to think that not all flutes, called Shakuhachi , are suitable for reproducing this type of Zen music. Zen music originates from the monks Komuso , under the name of Koten Honkyoku , with the purpose of helping them during meditation and prayer.

Today it is the oldest collection of songs played on the Shakuhachi flutes in the land of the Rising Sun. But no more chattering and chattering at the bands, we have selected for you some Youtube channels where you can listen to this relaxing music , certainly not the same as the original one of the Komuso monks , but very very similar.

Music on social media that benefits you on meditation

Body Mind Zone

The first channel we want to offer you is Body Mind Zone, Youtube channel completely dedicated to relaxing music of all kinds. From that to concentrate on studying to that to promote sleep if you are insomniac. And of course there is also Zen music, to which there are dedicated playlists that will certainly help you in your Zen meditation sessions. It is really worth following them.

The Meditation Music House

If you want to have an idea of ​​how play a flute Shakuhachi , check out The Meditation Music House Youtube channel. Entirely dedicated to meditation, it has a vast selection of pieces performed with the mythical flute of the Rising Sun.

Calm DownTizak

Here the flute Shakuhachi unites with the wonderful sounds of nature. Like the lapping of the rain, giving an amazing combination of sounds to listen to and perceive with the soul. Youtube channel of relaxing music, CalmDownTizak , really interesting and to be taken into consideration.

Zen meditation

And if you need not only music to relax, but also to understand how to meditate best, Zen Meditation is for you: here you will find several video tutorials that will guide you step by step to relax your nerves.

And obviously there is also here playlists of Youtube videos relaxing music free piano to listen to suitable for meditation or to the reconciliation of sleep and sleep.

So if you were looking for relaxing music on Youtube, we have provided you with 4 channels really special for every occasion. Whether you need suitable music to use for meditation, yoga, Reiki or whatever.

Youtube relaxing piano music, Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique, immediate and natural, which, through the use of one’s hands, allows you to rebalance yourself and regain mental and physical well-being. It is very simple, and everyone can learn it in a very short time, even children.

More precisely, Reiki is a simple and effective technique for reducing stress, relaxation and restoring psychophysical health through the use of the so-called “universal energy”.

Reiki is often defined as a self-healing technique since, although energy, it can also be transmitted to other people. This meditation technique is generally used mainly by Reiki staying on oneself through self-treatment.

The beauty of Reiki is in its versatility, in the possibility of adapting its times and ways to one’s own needs, to one’s lifestyle, to the different phases of existence, as a gift given to oneself.

Reiki, on the other hand, is a simple technique that anyone can practice, and its main strengths are extreme simplicity, with the consequent ease of learning, the immediate verification of its possibilities.

Already during the course the energy begins to flow and it is therefore possible to immediately experience its benefits, and the powerful rebalancing action that also manifests itself on the emotional and mental level of the person.

Reiki can be accompanied by relaxing music which you can find free on youtube and use as you wish.

Relaxing music youtube, the benefits of Reiki

Many testimonials underline the benefits that can be obtained by receiving treatments or learning the reiki technique, to be practiced independently together with the now numerous st scientific facts about it.

The energy we talked about before is not the absolute one of the operator, but is taken outside of it and channeled through the channels that we all have, and which are well known by those who practice acupuncture or Shiatsu, in the arms and up to the hands, from which it comes out to cure the operator himself (if the hands are resting on him) or another person.

In practice, the Reiki practitioner is like a wire. During the practice it is connected with the primary source, or “the electrical network”, from which it can draw to take energy whenever it wants and in the necessary quantities, letting it flow gently inside itself to get out of the hands towards the external.

Relaxing music on youtube, how reiki works

Youtube Musica Rilassante

During a Reiki treatment it is very useful to use a relaxing background music, with the addition of bells to “mark” the time of rest of the hands in the various positions.

There is no real musical genre classified as “Reiki music”. In general, however, slow and relaxing songs are used, relaxing piano music, mood music with sounds of nature, pleasant sound vibrations and mantras set to music and sung.

Often these musics are played by very ancient and particular stringed instruments such as the harp, the sitar, or even the shamisen . All these instruments create a light and relaxing atmosphere, in most cases it is relaxing music also taken from youtube, without vocals.

Youtube, free music to listen to, examples of relaxing music for Reiki

Here are some examples of relaxing music for Reiki treatments for oneself and others to listen to for free on youtube:

Merlins Magic – The Heart Of Reiki

Angelic Music

El mar

Ajad – Music From The Heart (Oceans)

Ajad – Music for love

Reiki Harp

Breath of the earth

Wooden Flute

Free your mind

Pan flute music and sea sounds

Piano Music

Piano Instrumental


Ps ychedelic Music

Reiki Music

Relaxing music 2

Relaxing music 15

Sounds of nature: birds and stream



Summer Nature Sound

You can listen to free background music on Youtube, as we said, and if you have some music you really like but it doesn’t have the “metronome” bells you want. You can choose every how many minutes to make the bell ring, the type of sound and the volume.

Listen to free music on youtube, shamisen and Japanese music

youtube musica rilassante per dormire

In addition to music for the Reiki, to produce relaxing music to listen to on youtube, there are several instruments in Japan including the shamisen.

The sound of the shamisen is the one that is normally rooted in the collective memory when you think of Japan, that is, it is the sound that accompanies the actors of Kabuki and Bunraku.

It is the sound linked to art in general and to geishas, ​​bearing in mind that once, in the East, the word geisha precisely meant “artist”.

Any woman who wanted to become one since she was a child, was instructed and indoctrinated on various cultural activities: dance, conv ersation and above all music.

It is a type of instrument with a great versatility in the passages of high and low tones, and can be subjected to various techniques to tune it and pluck the strings.

Its sound box is completely hollow, and can be used as a percussion instrument, thanks to the leather cover that emits a very particular type of dull and pleasant sound. listen to someone looking for relaxing music on youtube.

Relaxing music youtube to meditate

Zen music comes to our aid in meditation, and in yoga that we often practice precisely to favor the Zen meditative position, and lead our while to abstract more easily and quickly from the world and from the stress that surrounds us.

Together with the fragrances of incentions that stimulate us through the sense of smell, relaxing music is undoubtedly the best ally to place the mind on the right frequency and prepare our entire being for an effective meditation session.

What exactly is Zen music? Zen music originated in Japan and is known as the largest and oldest collection of songs played by shakuhachi flutes, composed centuries ago by some Komuso monks.

This is not of new age music, but of a real form of classical and cultural music, with particular technical requirements both on the part of the instrumentalists and the instruments played.

Youtube relaxing piano music to study

If you are among those who , especially in correspondence with climate change, they find it hard to concentrate during study and work, the solution could be listening to particular relaxing music.

To be precise you could create and listen for free on youtube a playlist of classical music, which thanks to its extraordinary relaxing power could help you find the right concentration in the days of work or study. Even the most stressful ones.

What is the most relaxing playlist to study on youtube music for free work in the office?

There are plenty of youtube playlists relaxing music for sleeping, but we pay particular attention to relaxing music that can be played on the violin, and relaxing music made with the piano, starting from the most famous songs, and listened to by the great composers of the past like the music of Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven and finally Chopin.

Other studies, on the other hand, have shown how background music can represent a stimulus or an obstacle based on the psychological characteristics of the individual,

If you are looking for relaxing music on Youtube, your playlist must necessarily contain Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Chopin’s Nocturne, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and most of Mozart’s discography .


Youtube Musica Rilassante, 4 canali per la meditazione

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Youtube Relaxing Music, 4 channels for meditation


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